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Advanced Care

A hospital alternative for your patients that brings
high-acuity healthcare in the comfort of home

DispatchHealth is transforming the facility-based care model by bringing advanced medical care to patients in the comfort of their home. Advanced Care is DispatchHealth’s alternative hospital solution: a scalable model to provide safe and high-quality, hospital-level care in patients’ homes as an alternative to inpatient admission.

With DispatchHealth’s Advanced Care program, you can:
• Decrease inpatient hospital admissions
• Drive significant medical cost savings including reduction in 30-day readmission rates
• Improve health outcomes and achieve unparalleled patient satisfaction
• Reduce unnecessary ER visits, SNF stays, and ancillary service utilization

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DispatchHealth Advanced Care
Which patients can benefit from Advanced Care?

Advanced Care services can be utilized in adult patients for a wide range of medical illnesses that would otherwise result in a hospital admission. The most commonly treated illnesses are: pneuomonia and respiratory infections, heart failure exacerbations, cellulitis, kidney and urinary tract infections, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbations, and electrolyte abnormalities. Advanced Care is designed to take care of high acuity and complex patients in the home with the average Charslon Comorbidity Index score of Advanced Care patients >5 (highest complexity).

How do patients access the Advanced Care program? 

There are three primary pathways for patients to access Advanced Care:

Pathway 1: Any patient who is receiving in-home treatment through a DispatchHealth acute care visit can be escalated to Advanced Care, rather than escalated to the hospital.

Pathway 2: A patient who is being treated by a community provider (primary care or specialist) can contact the Advanced Care team directly as an alternative to hospital admission.

Pathway 3: A patient who arrives to the hospital or ED and is deemed appropriate for Advanced Care in the home. This includes providing care under the Acute Hospital Care at Home CMS waiver with hospital partners during the COVID public health emergency.

What do Advanced Care services include?

DispatchHealth provides Advanced Care in two phases over an episode of care, all of which is built into a single payment bundle. Episode services include in-home provider visits, a physician-led plan of care, mobile point of care advanced laboratory capabilities, mobile imaging, PT/OT and in-home nursing, and 24/7 remote patient monitoring. Advanced Care was designed with patient safety top of mind, with multiple layers of safety assurances built into care delivery. This includes a comprehensive process for the rare instance that a patient does require escalation to a higher level of care.

Who is on the Advanced Care clinical team?

Each DispatchHealth Advanced Care team includes a hospitalist physician, an advanced practice provider with inpatient experience, clinical RNs with inpatient experience, and an RN care navigator. DispatchHealth also offers emergency-trained Acute Care teams, which can provide support care for patients should a concern arise during an Advanced Care episode.

How does DispatchHealth Advanced Care partner with primary care?

Coordination with primary care is a cornerstone of our Advanced Care program. The DispatchHealth Advanced Care team collaborates with primary care providers to provide seamless access to Advanced Care services. During Advanced Care episodes, coordination with PCPs is a priority including through inclusive huddles when desired, tech-enabled communication, and shared clinical progress notes in order to optimize a patient’s care plan.

What are the clinical outcomes of DispatchHealth’s Advanced Care model?

At-home patient care results in improved outcomes in four major areas: health outcomes, patient satisfaction, provider satisfaction, and health care costs.

Where is the current Advanced Care service area?

Atlanta, GA
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Denver, CO
Houston, TX
Las Vegas, NV
Phoenix, AZ
Richmond VA
Seattle/Tacoma, WA

Improved hospital outcomes for patients

¹ ²Medicare Payment Advisory Committee. Report to the Congress: Medicare payment policy. Washington, DC 2016
Hospital readmit rate
0 %
Reduction in 30-day readmission rate. DispatchHealth Advanced Care vs national average 30-day readmission rate for traditional hospitalization¹
Serious safety event
0 %
Total DispatchHealth Advanced Care patient visit
SNF readmit rate
0 %
Reduction in SNF admit rate. DispatchHealth Advanced Care vs national average SNF admit rate for traditional hospitalization²
Unexpected mortality rate
0 %
Total DispatchHealth Advanced Care patient visits
Total DispatchHealth Advanced Care patient visits
0 %
ED escalation rate

Increased patient satisfaction

Program acceptance rate
0 %
when offered Advanced Care vs. hospitalization
Patient NPS score
vs. the healthcare average of +30
PCP NPS score
0 +
total DispatchHealth Advanced Care patient visits
african american blood pressuer

Hidden benefits

• Goals of Care conversation 100%
• Goals of Care revision* 26%
• Discontinue of at least one chronic medication
• Patient/family sharing unprompted positive feedback: 75%
• Unique insights into patient’s condition including co-morbidities, medication management, and social determinants of health (SDOH).


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