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Case Study: MultiCare Extends Care Into the Home

MultiCare is a trailblazer when it comes to looking at the continuum of care from a new perspective.  In late 2018, they expanded their retail healthcare strategy by partnering with DispatchHealth to engage directly with consumers in a price-sensitive environment.   

“In a way, we are like all other hospital systems. We’re not as innovative as we think we are, and we don’t push the envelope enough. But here at MultiCare, we do things differently – we’re not risk averse and pride ourselves on being first to market. We knew we had to find ways to reduce total cost of care, as we evolve to population management. We want to help craft that new world not sit back and have it happen to us. What we saw in DispatchHealth is they truly had innovative ideas, they were proven, and they had the same core values as us.”

– Christi McCarren, RN
Senior Vice President, Retail Health & Community-Based Care  
MultiCare Health System 

This case study dives into how MultiCare:   

  • Came to the conclusion they needed an innovative approach to break the readmission cycle
  • Integrated the new service within the health system to provide high acuity medical care in the home
  • Treated patients at an appropriate level of care to realize $1,509 in cost savings per patient
  • Provided exceptional patient satisfaction
  • Addressed social determinants of health, like transportation, head-on

Download the MultiCare Case Study Here