House Calls Filling a Telemedicine Void

Is DispatchHealth categorized as a type of telemedicine? This is a good question. It’s also a topic we discuss during conversations with new partners from time to time — after all, we connect with patients via innovative technology, offer app-based interaction and leverage providers for on-demand support. Despite these commonalities, though, DispatchHealth’s integrated approach differs […]

ER-Level Care Delivery Exceeding Customer Expectations (And this Company is the Trailblazer)

Companies like Amazon, Netflix, Apple and AirBnB have a strong commonality. They all understand the importance of delivering value and providing a uniquely convenient experience. And because of that, people quickly become loyal users of their services. The most effective way to measure customer satisfaction? Net Promoter Score (NPS). Consumers are asked one simple question: […]

Bringing the Emergency Room to the Living Room

Today’s healthcare system is nothing short of broken. And for aging adults, those with acute or chronic medical needs, and people struggling to keep a roof over their head, an unexpected and expensive trip to the emergency room can push them over the edge. So what gives? Can such a deeply fragmented system be repaired? […]

Healthcare Providers and Insurers Advocate Treating Seniors at Home

Providers and insurers ranging from primary care and specialty physicians to Medicare and leading insurance companies are increasingly advocating for a modern-day house call for seniors. For providers, it’s beneficial to partner with a company that delivers care to patients when acute needs arise after hours or during busy clinic days. For insurance companies, it’s […]