DispatchHealth’s Traveling Flu Crew Helps Fight the Flu At Home

Last year’s influenza outbreak was not only severe, but drawn out. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the 21-week season, from October – May, was the longest in 10 years. Additionally, more than 600,000 people sought treatment for the flu in emergency rooms despite the CDC advising against it. As people […]

ERs are Overwhelmed with Flu Patients; House Calls can Help

The flu is no laughing matter. Last year’s flu season was one of the worst in recent memory, and some experts are predicting that this year will follow the same pattern. We know that the flu vaccine, while certainly helpful, is not a surefire way of avoiding illness. If you do have symptoms of the […]

The Flu is Even More Contagious Than you Think

Flu season is here, and it’s important to do everything you can to protect yourself before you get sick. Maybe you consider yourself pretty healthy and aren’t concerned about catching the flu. But even healthy individuals can contract this extremely contagious and sometimes deadly disease. Last year’s influenza outbreak was not only severe, but drawn […]

How DispatchHealth Is Improving Healthcare for People With Intellectual Disabilities

Traditional emergency rooms (ERs) and urgent care centers are conventionally designed to meet the needs of the average American. While this benefits the majority, it may oftentimes overlook the special needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Since these individuals often face cognitive and communication challenges, finding affordable and on-demand healthcare can be a […]