The Most Common Skin Infections Found in Seniors & How to Prevent Them

This page has been reviewed by a medical professional. Reviewed by Dr. Phil Mitchell, MD, MS Flashback to Biology 101: What is the body’s largest organ? If you guessed right, then give me some skin. Your skin protects you from exposure to germs and bacteria that could otherwise cause serious harm to internal organs. While […]

The Spread of the Flu in Senior Communities

It’s a widely known fact that adults over the age of 65 are at a much higher risk for serious complications related to the flu. If just one person in a senior community gets sick, the flu can rapidly spread through the whole group, causing untold illnesses and even deaths. There are ways to protect […]

A House Call for Seniors with Flu Symptoms

For a young and healthy person, symptoms of the flu might mean no more than calling out sick from work and spending a few days in bed. For seniors though, the flu is serious business. It may lead to dangerous complications, and possibly even death. So when symptoms appear, it’s a good idea to take […]

4 Tips for Caring for a Senior with the Flu

Being a caregiver for a senior can be difficult enough at the best of times. But flu season presents a whole new set of struggles. While a young and healthy person who contracts the flu is likely to get over it quite easily, this common malady can mean serious and life-threatening complications for seniors. Throughout […]