5 Ways House Calls Provide Peace of Mind for Seniors

All too often, acute health problems merit an immediate trip to the hospital for seniors. So imagine an advanced care house call that comes to you instead, generally within 1-2 hours. Out-of-pocket costs are very affordable; the contribution to peace of mind is invaluable. Fortunately, this is a reality with new on-demand healthcare services. Getting […]

Keeping Older Adults Safe by Delivering Healthcare

For healthy younger people, a trip to the emergency room is an inconvenience. But for many seniors, a trip to the emergency room can present logistical problems and dangers that could further complicate health problems. No matter if you’re plenty agile and living independently or if you’re staying in an assisted living residence and need […]

Healthcare System Makes Seniors Worse Off; House Calls can Help

Vulnerable seniors deserve better than “sickening” healthcare, brought on by the inconvenience of traveling to get care, cost uncertainty and complexity, long waits and being around others who are sick. Fortunately, the right house call cure is at their fingertips. It’s a more convenient, affordable and comfortable alternative to ERs and urgent care facilities.  Senior […]

Healthcare Cost Confusion Magnified for Seniors

One of life’s great mysteries is the cost of healthcare. In many cases, it can feel like giving a health provider a blank check and letting them fill in the amount. Only then does the patient know the price. It’s confusing and frustrating. For seniors, concerns can be amplified. As age increases, so does the […]