The Best Ways to Prevent Dehydration in Seniors with Alzheimer’s

It’s a common misconception that dehydration is easy to detect and easy to prevent. Many assume the body has a foolproof early warning system that alerts us when we need to increase our fluid intake—thirst. While this is the primary mechanism to prevent dehydration, it’s not the fail-safe people think it is. Truth be told, […]

Why Are the Elderly More Vulnerable to Food Poisoning?

It might start with a general feeling of weakness and a lack of energy, what some people call “a case of the blahs.” As the hours pass, you experience additional symptoms such as chills, fever, and a headache. You wonder if this is the start of the flu as you sit in your recliner, shivering […]

5 Ways House Calls Provide Peace of Mind for Seniors

All too often, acute health problems merit an immediate trip to the hospital for seniors. So imagine an advanced care house call that comes to you instead, generally within 1-2 hours. Out-of-pocket costs are very affordable; the contribution to peace of mind is invaluable. Fortunately, this is a reality with new on-demand healthcare services. Getting […]

Keeping Older Adults Safe by Delivering Healthcare

For healthy younger people, a trip to the emergency room is an inconvenience. But for many seniors, a trip to the emergency room can present logistical problems and dangers that could further complicate health problems. No matter if you’re plenty agile and living independently or if you’re staying in an assisted living residence and need […]