How Does Dehydration Affect the Body?

As you bask in the glory of summer, it’s crucial that you keep yourself hydrated. With heat waves reaching record-breaking heights throughout the country, medical experts are stressing the hidden dangers of dehydration and its effects on both the mind and body, now more than ever. In fact, new studies have shown that dehydration can […]

How to Treat Food Poisoning at Home

How to Treat Food Poisoning at Home For centuries, foodies across the country have been plagued by the dreaded, stomach-wrecking ailment known as food poisoning. While some individuals are at higher risk for food poisoning, anyone can get it. In fact, every year, an estimated 48 million people come in contact with foodborne diseases, according […]

5 Severe Spring Injuries You Can Get Treated at Home

The weather is getting warmer, people are enjoying the great outdoors, and spring sports are starting up. What a wonderful time of year! Unfortunately, the joys of spring can sometimes be interrupted by injuries and ailments. But rather than heading to the local emergency room or urgent care clinic, now you can get these injuries […]

How to Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

Those who have had a UTI wince at the mere mention of the subject—that burning sensation and annoying feeling of constantly having to pee is enough to warrant a Google search about how to make sure this *never* happens again. And for those who haven’t had a UTI before, you’d do well to read on, […]