5 Severe Spring Injuries You Can Get Treated at Home

The weather is getting warmer, people are enjoying the great outdoors, and spring sports are starting up. What a wonderful time of year! Unfortunately, the joys of spring can sometimes be interrupted by injuries and ailments. But rather than heading to the local emergency room or urgent care clinic, now you can get these injuries […]

How to Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

Those who have had a UTI wince at the mere mention of the subject—that burning sensation and annoying feeling of constantly having to pee is enough to warrant a Google search about how to make sure this *never* happens again. And for those who haven’t had a UTI before, you’d do well to read on, […]

5 Booziest Holidays that Result in ER Visits

For many, holidays and alcohol are intricately linked. Unfortunately, this means trips to the emergency room (ER) tend to spike around various holidays. This means longer waiting times, overworked staff, and celebrations turned to pain and trauma. Avoid these problems by drinking responsibly and always having a designated driver or calling for an Uber if […]

How Depression Affects Your Immune System

Those who have never experienced depression may think of it as no more than a bad case of the blues. We picture someone who is constantly sad or who attempts suicide. But this is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to depression symptoms. Science has proven that this is a mental disorder […]