Family Caregiver Tips for End-of-Life Hardship

When someone you love is coming to the end of their journey, it’s never an easy time. Rather than spend their last days in a hospital surrounded by beeping monitors and unfamiliar faces, many choose to live out their time at home. While this is certainly a more comforting and usually a better experience for […]

A House Call for Dehydrated Seniors

Dehydration can be a serious problem for our aging population and is caused by a variety of reasons. Many medications can cause your body to dehydrate due to side effects that cause sweating or increased urination. Kidney function has been shown to decline with age, making the body less able to conserve fluid when needed. […]

An Affordable Healthcare Delivery Service for Seniors

Picture an elderly loved one in your life — a friend, neighbor, parent, grandparent or partner. Now picture them at home, in need of urgent care for a sudden injury or illness. If they have limited mobility, trouble finding transportation or don’t have appropriate access to medical care, this scenario may lead to a costly […]