Flu Complications Hit Seniors Hard; House Calls can Help

While every season presents health challenges to seniors, this winter is proving especially difficult. Flu, fever, sinus infections, pneumonia and related complications are hitting hard, fast and often. Compounding the problem is confusion about what symptoms mean. For example, according to mayoclinic.com, sub-normal temperature as well as fever can accompany pneumonia: “Lower than normal body temperature […]

House Calls Take the ‘Scare’ out of Healthcare for Seniors

What’s worse for seniors than a serious fall in the home requiring immediate medical attention? In some cases, one could argue that it’s a fall bad enough to create soreness and bruising but not seemingly bad enough for ER care. Increasingly, seniors are trying to “tough it out” when they shouldn’t. Reasons include the efforts […]

Why Sick Seniors Should Get a House Call

It’s Friday night and you suddenly feel a sharp head pain. Fearing something worse than a common headache, you do a few quick self-tests to check balance and coordination. Everything seems okay, but the pain won’t subside. What do you do? If you’re like way too many seniors, you decide to wait and see. The […]

5 Ways Seniors Win with Urgent Care House Calls

Do you remember house calls? They’re back. Many seniors remember doctors making house calls. Old TV programs regularly showed the family doctor coming by to visit a bedridden patient. House calls are back, with a decidedly 21st century approach. And the trend is growing. DispatchHealth provides urgent care services in the convenience of one’s home, […]