Is it the Flu or Something More Serious?

Every year through the fall and winter we begin to hear of alarming numbers of people admitted to hospitals or even dead from the flu. But in reality, the worst of these cases are afflicted with not just the flu, but dangerous complications that have arisen from it. Common complications like sinus or ear infections […]

A Surprising Way to Catch Flu Symptoms Early

Another flu season has arrived and many people are wondering how to protect themselves and their loved ones from this sometimes deadly disease. While preparatory measures like the flu vaccine, routine hand washing, and other protective measures are certainly helpful, there is no certain way to avoid this extremely contagious virus. The good news is […]

The Traveling Flu Crew That Brings Urgent Care to You

Last year’s influenza outbreak was one of the worst in nearly a decade and the severity of the outbreak was extreme. In fact, the The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recorded over 20,000 positive flu tests per week at the height of the outbreak. The flu can be transmitted by contact and airborne […]