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Feeling banged up? DispatchHealth offers practical, comprehensive, in-home care for minor breaks, sprains, and bruises.

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Injured with a break, sprain, or bruise? DispatchHealth can help

Injuries happen all the time. Even the most careful people can slip on ice and land the wrong way on their hand or rear end. Fortunately, DispatchHealth takes the hassle out of healthcare by traveling directly to you to provide medical care. This means we’ll come to your home to address your minor breaks, sprains, and bruises. Save yourself the hassle of travel when you’re injured, and let us take care of the rest. We can treat everything an urgent care can and more, and services cost a fraction of an emergency room visit. Download our app, give us a call, or request care on our website to let us know that you need help with non-life-threatening conditions.

If this is an emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department.

Breaks, sprains, & bruises – should you get medical help?

Most people will sustain a break or sprain at some point in their life. But when should you seek medical help? For starters, if you think you’ve broken something, you should seek treatment from a medical professional immediately. Bone breaks require assessment and x-rays, and sometimes the bone needs to be “reset” to get back in place. Sprains are also common and can be every bit as painful as a bone break. To heal, the sprain may require the use of a splint or cast.

Bruises start off black and blue and change color as they heal. Bruising can be a sign of other medical problems, like Cushing’s syndrome or hemophilia. Severe bruises, or bruises that aren’t healing, should be checked out by a medical professional.

If left untreated

If your injuries are left untreated, they may not heal properly. The first step in the process is to determine if there is a fracture or a sprain. DispatchHealth can provide the assessment to determine the appropriate steps in the process. You run the risk of reinjury if a fracture or sprain doesn’t receive a cast or splint. DispatchHealth is here when you need us—contact us today to request care at your home.

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