COVID-19 Today Webinar: The Latest Findings and Lasting Impact + Town Hall

The onset of COVID-19 fundamentally reshaped not only the healthcare landscape but the world at large. DispatchHealth Medical Director and Board-Certified Emergency Medicine Physician, Dr. Stefen Ammon, shares valuable insight on COVID-19 today as he guides us through the latest findings, understanding variants and the lasting impact of the virus on the life as we know it.

Also included:

  • The future of COVID-19 including preparing for future variants, flu season, and a possible “Twindemic”
  • Strategies to protect vulnerable populations
  • Town Hall hosted by Business Development Manager, Kayla Stone, featuring partner success and how to get the support your community or organization needs


60 minutes

Topics Covered

  • The future of COVID-19 including preparing for future variants, flu season and a possible “Twindemic”
  • Third dose of vaccine/booster
  • The lasting impact and how to protect our vulnerable population

Webinar Speaker


Dr. Ammon is a board certified emergency medicine physician and medical director at DispatchHealth. He is a contributing member of the DispatchHealth COVID-19 Task Force, designed to keep patients and providers safe from contracting/spreading COVID-19 through education and the development of safety and treatment protocols.

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