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Family Receiving Care at Home

We will work with you to achieve the quadruple aim:

Lower Cost

DispatchHealth helps decrease total cost of care for at-risk populations and frequent utilizers of emergency department for non-emergent conditions. A visit with DispatchHealth costs roughly the same as a walk-in urgent care visit, and nearly one tenth of the medical cost for an ER visit. On average, patients pay between $5-$50 depending on their specific insurance plan.

In 2019 alone, we delivered care to more than 71,000 patients, with an average cost savings of $1,200 per patient. We’ve totaled nearly $225 million in cost savings.

Improve Outcomes

Since inception, DispatchHealth has prevented over 92,000 ER visits and 2,900 hospitalizations.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Our model addresses the needs of today’s on-demand consumer, as well as addresses access challenges for at-risk patients. DispatchHealth maintains a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 95, which is unheard of in the healthcare space.

Improve Provider Satisfaction

DispatchHealth’s model seamlessly tucks patients back into their existing network of services and providers, and helps patients create new provider relationships where none existed before. In fact, 94 percent of DispatchHealth visits result in a clinical note transfer to the patient’s existing or new primary care physician or specialist.

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