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After putting my 1-year-old son to bed, I began experiencing debilitating back pain, to the point that I could not move my arms. We had just put my son to sleep and were about to put our daughter down for bed as well.  We do not have family in town to call on, so we knew our only options were to wake up the kids and head to the ER with them, call an ambulance, or call DispatchHealth. I literally could not move. I was in so much pain. I don't think there is anyway I could've even gotten into a car to go to the ER if necessary.  We quickly called DispatchHealth. They talked with my husband about my symptoms and decided to dispatch a team to our house that evening.  It was so nice being able to stay put in a comfortable environment and not wake our kids. The NP and EMT that arrived at our home were extremely nice and comforting. They were concerned with my pain and did the proper tests to be sure nothing extremely serious was going on.  Once they diagnosed me, they administered medication there in our family room, wrote a couple prescriptions for us to fill and they were on their way out the door.

I was overly impressed with the service provided by DispatchHealth. From the moment we called, to the time the NP and EMT left our house, we had nothing but a wonderful experience!  The staff dispatched were extremely kind and helpful and genuinely cared about my overall health.  The system is extremely streamlined, from the initial call to request care or request on the app, to administering necessary drugs, to the printer they bring to print out discharge instructions.  The entire experience is extremely professional and I was impressed with the caliber of healthcare providers they dispatched.

We will definitely be using DispatchHealth again; I recommend them to just about anyone that I can!