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The DispatchHealth house call experience was phenomenal all around. My husband was working late and I was home alone in the evening with my two young children when I realized my six-year-old son needed urgent care for an infected wound on his thumb. I was very concerned about having to take both my son, who needed the treatment, and my healthy four-year-old daughter to an urgent care clinic. Since so many people seek urgent care with contagious illnesses, I really dreaded the idea of exposing my young kids and myself to those germs.  Since my son’s wound was urgent but not emergent, I knew we would fall to the bottom of the triage list and could potentially wait many hours to see a healthcare provider.

When I found out DispatchHealth was available in my area, I spoke to Katie, the Nurse Practitioner who was on call. She and an Emergency Medical Technician, named Ronnie, were at my house within 20 minutes. They were calm, professional, caring and carefully explained the process of using DispatchHealth and billing my insurance provider. While I talked about the specifics of the process and the treatment options available, my son was blissfully unaware, playing Minecraft on his iPad. When our DispatchHealth care providers were ready to treat the infected wound, they were compassionate, efficient and thorough.

Having treatment in our own home meant that my son was not traumatized by some of what you see in urgent care and emergency room waiting rooms. While I don’t mean to sound lacking in compassion for others, I dreaded the thought of exposing both of my young children to others’ violent injuries or contagious diseases, and the house call from DispatchHealth allowed us to avoid those scenarios while still receiving top-notch care.

The treatment for my son’s wound was no fun, but Ronnie and Katie’s compassionate encouragement helped him stay brave. I truly think having treatment in the no-stress environment of our living room -- without time for nervousness to build while waiting hours for treatment in the ER or at urgent care -- helped minimize the stress and potential trauma. As soon as his wound was treated and bound, he immediately said it felt better than it had before they arrived. He smiled and thanked Katie and Ronnie as they left our home!

My DispatchHealth nurse practitioner talked to me at length about after-care for my son’s injury and left me with detailed, printed directions for our family and the school nurse. Katie recommended that I follow up with our pediatrician in a few days to make sure all was healing as it should. Imagine my surprise when I got an incoming call from my pediatrician’s office to schedule the follow-up appointment! My DispatchHealth care provider proactively contacted my child’s pediatrician, whose office subsequently called me indicating they received a courtesy call that we would need an appointment. That’s what I call full-service!

Having a house call for our urgent healthcare issue felt like an absolute luxury. When I learned that having DispatchHealth make a house call actually lessens the financial burden on the healthcare system, I went from feeling somewhat self-indulgent to becoming one of this service’s biggest advocates.

Both my pediatrician’s office and the school nurse at my son’s elementary school were so excited to learn about DispatchHealth. I am a completely satisfied customer and have recommended this amazing service to everyone I know.