Thumb paige son

It was my husband's parents 50th anniversary, since we're lucky enough to have both sets of parents [grandparents] within about a 4 block radius of us - we do a lot of family dinners. We had included two neighbor friends as well. As I was doing the finishing touches of dinner, my husband was entertaining the boys as everyone was just snacking + socializing. We do this thing...where we hold their arms and they walk up our bodies + inverse flip, we do it - I swear 20 times a day, every day - but somehow this time Boomer (my 3-year-old son) flipped and he started complaining about his arm. He cried a little and held it close to his body. Per usual, we checked but told him to 'shake it off'. As we sat to eat, the entire group noticed he was holding his arm close to his body like a broken wing. He winced as he climbed into the chair for dinner using only his free arm. Throughout dinner everyone kept checking on him, but we sort of feeling the pressure of the larger group continued on pushing for him to 'just be ok'... as we saw him not moving it and only using his other arm to eat + function, we knew initial inklings were correct in that something was indeed wrong. Having heard of DispatchHealth from a friend, I knew this was the perfect chance to try it out. I sent a quick text to my friend asking if he thought this was the sort of appropriate thing + with a confirmation I instantly called + started the process that would forever change how we, my friends, as well as grandparents would look at healthcare related to the boys. DispatchHealth arrived with 15 minutes, confirming that Bommer’s elbow had popped out of socket. Aurora, the DispatchHealth NP, fixed Boomer's elbow, and proceeded to walk my husband and I, as well as all the grandparents + even our neighbor friends through the process of popping 'nurse maid's elbow' back in place. While waiting to ensure he was okay, Aurora took a copy of our insurance card and ID. She reviewed and answered all of our questions. It truly couldn’t have gone any more simply. Everyone took a business card home with them.