Thumb roberta sweeney

Roberta was visiting her daughter and son-in-law in Colorado. On her first morning in Denver, she woke-up feeling unbearably dizzy. Unable to stand-up, or even sit-up, she had to lay back down with her head elevated and eyes closed. When Aurora arrived from DispatchHealth, she was able to perform an EKG, complete a blood draw, check vitals and do an Epley maneuver, all while Roberta laid in bed. Aurora confirmed vertigo and prescribed necessary medication. By the next morning, Roberta woke-up feeling great. “The experience was amazing. To have someone come to you, without having to go to an emergency room and wait. I think it’s a terrific concept.” Aurora followed up with Roberta that afternoon, and again, the following day with a recommended Ear, Nose & Throat Physician’s office that was able to schedule Roberta for follow-up. "I’m 70, grew up in a small town, and doctors came to your house, it’s a new idea that builds on old practices.” Aurora’s upbeat and positive attitude made Roberta feel comfortable and at ease.