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Creating a cohesive care experience

House Calls replace fragmented Urgent Care and expensive ER visits, saving everyone time and money. Improved communication with your Medical Team to coordinate you and your family's care makes the follow up care a breeze.

Medical family

How we deliver integrated care for you and your family

Your Medical Team

We work closely with the patient's existing team of Healthcare Providers to ensure that the care they recieve from DispatchHealth is communicated back to the relevant provider. For example, your primary care physician to specialty physicians and pharmacies.


On-Demand acute care in the home. Think of us as an urgent care plus more that comes to you, your patients, your members, your residents or your employees. 

Hospital Care

In the event your condition requires emergency medical care, DispatchHealth will direct you to a proper Emergent Care facility.

care coordination
case management

Healthcare providers we partner with

Nurse Advice Line

Empower staff to offer on-demand medical care in the comfort of the individual's home.

Senior Communities

Partnership with independent living, assisted living and memory care to provide alternatives to drive decreased ER utilization and promote aging in place.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Aid in preventing readmission penalties by providing improved access and treatment capabilities to acutely ill patients.

Home Health

Aid in delivering simple to complex medical care as an adjunct to their services.

Hospice & Palliative Care

Treating acute exacerbations of underlying illnesses in the home and thereby allowing patients to live out their remaining days with comfort and dignity.

Occupational Medicine

Initial onsite treatment for workers comp incidents leading to improved productivity, decreased cost and improved access for the employer.

Primary Care / Specialty Groups

Extend the reach of care to execute on population health management.

Employers / Payers

Help small to medium sized businesses in plan design and engagement as an ED alternative to drive down employee healthcare costs.

Health System

Assist with value-based initiatives (ACOs, BPCI, etc) and differentiate the hospital network with a unique retail experience.

We've partnered with Colorado's leading health system to provide consumers convenient and affordable healthcare.

Centura Health

DispatchHealth operates as a member of Centura Health’s Colorado Health Neighborhoods,  working together to provide on-demand health care in the convenience of your home.

Redefining Healthcare Delivery

Marketplace Differentiator
World Class Customer Service
Cost Savings
Unique patient perspective
Pre & Post-acute intervention

What our partners are saying

What we've accomplished

Patient satisfaction

Dispatch’s customer loyalty ranking is off the charts.
Our current NPS score is >90, the industry average is 30.

Medical cost savings

We’ve generated over $20 million in medical cost savings.

Urgent care, hospital, emergency department

DispatchHealth is seeing less than 5% bounce back to the ER.

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