Some of Our Partnerships

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We partner with most medicare advantage, commercial and managed medicaid plans in the markets we serve. Visit our location page to view your local coverage.

What does a visit cost?

Based on nearly 30,000 patient claims over the last three years, on average a patient pays the following amount out of pocket for their DispatchHealth visit. Please keep in mind the total amount you’re responsible for varies based on your specific insurance plan.

commercial insurance
Medicare advantage
Medicare Secondary Insurance
Medicare without Secondary Insurance


Your bill may show charges that are higher than these numbers. Medical charges are different than what is allowed by your insurance company and what you may pay out of pocket. DispatchHealth payment methods include credit, debit, health savings account (HSA), health reimbursement account (HRA) and flexible spending account (FSA).

Our billing

For billing questions, contact us directly at 720-647-5329.

Explanation of benefits (EOB)

Typically, you should receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company 30-45 days after your visit. This will explain what they covered based on the services rendered at the time of the visit.


Your services bill

You may then receive a bill from DispatchHealth. The amount is based on your insurance plan / deductible and is determined by your insurance company. Your bill is based on the level of care provided. Bills are submitted to your insurance company using the DispatchHealth billing team.


Common questions

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    How much does DispatchHealth cost?
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    On average, most patients pay $25-$50 after insurance. The cost of care varies, and is determined by the complexity of care provided, any procedures performed, and supplies required. The percentage of the total bill you’re responsible for is determined by your insurance plan.
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    Who are the providers that come to me?
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    DispatchHealth’s providers are board-certified physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners with significant experience evaluating acute injuries and illness in the emergency department environment. In fact, our providers are the same providers that you may see in your local emergency room. A nurse practitioner or physician assistant and an EMT will provide your hands-on care.
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    What if I don’t have insurance?
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    If you do not have health insurance, DispatchHealth accepts a flat rate of $275 at the time of treatment. Payment methods include credit, debit, health savings account (HSA), health reimbursement account (HRA) and flexible spending account (FSA) payments.
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    How do I book an appointment?
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    Booking an appointment with us is easy! Simply download and use our mobile app, call us directly or create an account on our website.

How would you like to request care?

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