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“What we saw in DispatchHealth is they truly had innovative ideas. They were proven, and they had the same core values as us.”

Christi McCarren, RN
Former SVP, Retail Health & Community-Based Care
Health system perspective: MultiCare extends care into the home

MultiCare Health System is transforming health care by extending care into the home by partnering with DispatchHealth. By doing so, they are achieving higher patient satisfaction, lower complications and infections, and better outcomes.

  • Acute Care
  • Personalized same-day healthcare to the home
  • Advance Care
  • Hospital at Home
  • Clinic Without Walls
  • Enhanced Virtual Visits

Driving value for health system partners

Population health

DispatchHealth provides high acuity medical care that has been proven to drive significant savings in at-risk populations. We deploy our services in coordination with your organization’s unique needs, to serve patients in your risk populations with chronic, high acuity medical needs, as well as to identify and address social needs such as food insecurity.

In partnering with DispatchHealth to achieve savings in your value-based arrangements, health systems will:

  • Significantly reduce medical costs in risk populations by optimizing the cost of care for the medical needs of at-risk patients
  • Ensure effective communications across the continuum of care
  • More readily address the social determinants of health (SDOH)
  • Provide alternative resources for your staff, patients and community partners
  • Change patterns of behavior in your at-risk populations
  • Mitigate the risk of investing in unproven care models and new facilities

Enhanced access

DispatchHealth has proven strategies for augmenting existing digital front door and patient engagement programs.

In partnering with DispatchHealth to achieve enhanced reach, your health system will:

  • Expand and/or fill gaps in your footprint and solutions without costly, time-consuming capital investment
  • Deliver care to hard-to-reach populations (e.g., homebound, seniors)
  • Benefit from new, innovative approaches to the creation of new patient relationships
  • Expand marketing programs and services to address consumer behavior and expectations
  • Provide a new consumer-embraced linkage to your systems of care

Market differentiation

DispatchHealth has designed our platform to deliver an integrated and seamless care experience with our partners. We have considerable experience working with complex care delivery systems to perform as an extension of a comprehensive health care system.

In partnering with DispatchHealth to achieve market differentiation, your health system will:

  • Benefit from an unmatched patient experience and patient satisfaction rating
  • Have a team of physicians, and other clinically trained personnel working with your physicians and staff to integrate our processes into your current workflows
  • Benefit from an experienced team with consulting, analytics and marketing expertise
  • Apply comprehensive data and tools to ensure the success of our shared programs and initiatives
  • Foster relationships with employers, home health agencies, senior living facilities, and community organizations
  • Have our community engagement team working in your service area every day to drive value

Service line optimization and throughput

With the support of convenient alternatives to patients spending an extended time in an inpatient setting, your hospitals and services lines can operate more efficiently and profitably. DispatchHealth can be integrated into your care for Heart Failure, COPD, oncology and more. We collaborate on protocols, processes, and care coordination with your staff to optimize your operations and underlying economics, while enhancing quality.

In working with DispatchHealth to achieve service line optimization and enhanced throughput, health systems will:

  • Significantly improve performance in your bundled payment programs
  • Reduce readmissions by providing proactive and responsive high acuity care in the home
  • Shorten medically unnecessary length of stay (LOS) by providing your physicians and staff with an option that allows them to confidently return a patient to their home setting
  • Support medical patients by accelerating their return home
  • Optimize the utilization of inpatient services and capacity
  • Improve your net margin contribution by reducing utilization by self-pay patients or other high utilizers for non-life and non-limb threatening medical conditions. Many of these patients view the ER as the most convenient one-stop-shop for health care — DispatchHealth can work with you to provide a more attractive, low-cost

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