3 Ways DispatchHealth Helps Senior Living Community Residents Save on Healthcare

Taking care of your community— independent living, assisted living, or memory care, —is undoubtedly your highest priority. And, while there are ways senior living communities can enhance residents’ comfort and emotional well-being, meeting their healthcare needs can become a concern. This is especially true in certain medical situations, where hospital travel can cause distress and […]

Assessing the Negative Impact Extended Hospital Stays Have on Seniors

The population of seniors in the U.S. is growing rapidly. In fact, by the year 2050, the U.S. Census Bureau forecasts that the population of individuals over the age of 65 will rise to a whopping 83.7 million—almost double 2012’s elderly population of 43.1 million. But as the population of elderly individuals grows, so does […]

Senior Community Staff Discovering an ER Alternative

If you work in a senior community, you know how often residents are transported to the ER. A recent study conducted by the CDC found that 14.2 percent of assisted living residents had emergency department visits in a given year. But a single resident may find themselves being transported to the ER several times a […]