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On-demand Webinar
Preparing for respiratory season
in a post-pandemic world

CE accreditation by ACCME and AAPA

While the end of the emergency phase of the COVID-19 pandemic closes a chapter in history, we are emerging with a solid grasp of the adaptive strategies required to meet the needs of patients and an evolving workforce.  This course will cover what we can expect during respiratory season based on data from the southern hemisphere and some strategies to help protect the most vulnerable populations.







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Learning objectives

  1. Identify the major seasonal illnesses associated with “respiratory season” that pose the greatest threat to human health
  2. Understand the ongoing health risk posed by COVID-19 post-pandemic
  3. Discuss strategies to protect vulnerable patient populations at greatest risk of severe illness during respiratory season

Stefen Ammon, MD

About our speaker

Stefen Ammon, MD

National Medical Director of Clinical Oversight, DispatchHealth

Dr. Ammon is a board-certified emergency medicine physician and medical director at DispatchHealth. His medical education and experience have led him to organizational, administrative and leadership opportunities, including serving as a chief resident, emergency department medical director, hospital board member and hospital chief of medical staff/medical staff president. Dr. Ammon is a leading member of the DispatchHealth COVID-19 Task Force, created to keep patients and providers safe from contracting and spreading COVID-19 through education and the development of safety and treatment protocols.

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