How you’ll benefit from DispatchHealth’s turnkey solution:

Clinical Capabilities for Treatment in Place

DispatchHealth will hire, schedule, supply and manage emergency room (ER) trained and board-certified nurse practitioners, physician assistants and medical directors to staff a co-sourced clinical model with EMS paramedics for a sustainable and compliant ET3 – Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) program that delivers on-site patient treatment and/or telemedicine.

Technology Infrastructure and ET3 Protocols

DispatchHealth built a proprietary software and data analytics platform to increase efficiency, improve clinical outcomes and capture revenue to successfully operate a sustainable and compliant ET3 – MIH program.

Payer Consulting

DispatchHealth leverages existing, long-term payer partner relationships.

Moderately Complex CLIA Lab Certification and Oversight

DispatchHealth provides the expertise and the playbook to develop a compliant CLIA lab certification to maximize the clinical scope of the MIH program.

Clinical and EMS Staff Training

DispatchHealth staff trains leadership, ancillary and clinical staff as needed on the clinical protocols and workflow to maximize the value of the MIH program.

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