How DispatchHealth Is Improving Healthcare for People With Intellectual Disabilities

Traditional emergency rooms (ERs) and urgent care centers are conventionally designed to meet the needs of the average American. While this benefits the majority, it may oftentimes overlook the special needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Since these individuals often face cognitive and communication challenges, finding affordable and on-demand healthcare can be a […]

From the ER to the Reinvented House Call ⁠— Why We Started DispatchHealth

Before founding DispatchHealth, I worked as an emergency room physician for over 20 years, managing 64 emergency rooms across the country at one point in my career. As you can imagine, I became extremely familiar with the ER setting and the inner workings of the hospital. My time at the bedside helped me realize both […]

Urgent House Calls Improving Healthcare for Those with Physical Disabilities

Throughout a person’s healthcare journey, challenges can be experienced at different times and in many ways: communicative, emotional, structural, and social. While people everywhere should have fair access to high-quality, on-demand medical care, a number of studies have shown that individuals with physical disabilities experience more healthcare inequalities than those who are not disabled. For […]

House Calls Filling a Telemedicine Void

Is DispatchHealth categorized as a type of telemedicine? This is a good question. It’s also a topic we discuss during conversations with new partners from time to time — after all, we connect with patients via innovative technology, offer app-based interaction and leverage providers for on-demand support. Despite these commonalities, though, DispatchHealth’s integrated approach differs […]