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An Ideal Differentiator for Brokers

2021 AEP is more challenging than ever. In-person meetings are limited and primary sales strategies are deployed virtually.
This year, we recommend trying something new. Utilize DispatchHealth as your key differentiator in the marketplace.

Why DispatchHealth

The COVID-19 pandemic has instilled fear. People are nervous to seek care in a public setting. How do we help with this?

DispatchHealth, an in-network provider, brings urgent medical care to the home. Our patients are treated in a safe, comfortable, environment. And what’s almost unbelievable? The cost is comparable to urgent care at $35-$65 a visit. No scary, unexpected bills for your members. Our team has compiled turnkey information to position you competitively in the market and increase member enrollment for 2021 AEP.

5 Key Selling Points

  1. DispatchHealth treats you at home. This eliminates potential exposure to other illnesses, like COVID-19 which can be found in a clinic or ER setting.
  2. The cost is the same as your Urgent Care benefit, that’s 80-90% cheaper than the ER!
  3. DispatchHealth can treat everything an Urgent Care can, and more
  4. They’re available nights, weekends, and holidays.
  5. Don’t worry…post visit, they’ll communicate with your PCP, bill insurance, and call in prescriptions if needed.

“This is the best service for seniors especially. No more having to wait for doctor appointments or waiting in a hospital or urgent care waiting rooms with the chance of getting an illness or infection. They are always professional and very friendly and competent. The Medicare and supplement insurance no-cost visits are a true blessing. Thank you!”

Broker Toolkit

We’ve compiled a kit of shareable information and assets to help your customers learn more about DispatchHealth and how we provide care directly in the home.

What’s inside the toolkit

  • One-page customer overview
  • Email messaging
  • PowerPoint slide
  • Brand assets (logo, photo, video, and brand documentation

Interested in learning more about partnering with DispatchHealth?

Contact partners@dispatchhealth.com for more information.

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