In-home treatment for for viral infections in children.

When children are sick with a viral infection, getting them dressed and ready to leave the house to see a doctor can be nearly impossible. To help them get the rest they need, request an in-home visit from DispatchHealth so they can get treatment from the comfort of their home.

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The provider to trust for at-home care

Unlike other medical providers, DispatchHealth specializes in bringing quality medical care right to your home, so your children won’t have to muster up the energy to leave the house to see a doctor. We boast outstanding mobile care teams that include a medical technician and either a physician assistant or a nurse practitioner. We also have an emergency room physician who is always available by phone. Even better, almost all of the tools and technologies found at an ER are brought along for the visit.

If you’re concerned that there must be a large price tag attached, don’t be! Our services typically cost about the same as your average urgent care visit, which is around $5 to $50 after insurance. We’re in-network with most insurance plans, and we’ll even handle billing your insurance company for you, calling in prescriptions, and keeping your pediatrician updated.

Viral Infection symptoms & when to seek treatment

If your child is suffering from a viral infection, they may experience the following symptoms:

  • Sore throat
  • Running or stuffy nose
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Congestion
  • Body aches or a headache
  • Low-grade fever

If these symptoms continue or get worse after a week or two, you should have your child examined by a doctor.

What causes viral infections in children?

There are many different ways to catch a viral infection, such as:

  • Being bitten by an infected animal or insect
  • Touching contaminated surfaces
  • Breathing in airborne droplets containing the virus
  • Not washing your hands and proceeding to touch your eyes, nose, or mouth

How to prevent viral infections in children

Encourage your children to wash their hands well and frequently, such as before eating, after touching contaminated objects like playground equipment, and after coughing, sneezing, or blowing their noses. Also, be sure to wash and bandage all cuts and scrapes. If your child is seriously bitten or scratched by a human or animal, have them examined by a doctor. Finally, make sure your children are not sharing dishes, eating utensils, or napkins with others.

If left untreated

Since viruses don’t respond to antibiotics, most viral infections don’t require any specific treatments. Instead, treatment will usually focus on providing relief for the symptoms via:

  • Over-the-counter fever reducers
  • Rest
  • Drinking plenty of fluids

After reducing the symptoms, the virus will eventually clear up on its own. However, if the symptoms worsen and treatment still isn’t sought, children can become seriously ill and develop a life-threatening medical emergency.

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