DispatchHealth and Pathnostics Initiate Clinical Study to Compare Guidance UTI® Test to Standard Urine Culture Among Patients Receiving In-Home Care

DispatchHealth & Pathnostics
  • Unique partnership underscores both companies’ commitment to clinical excellence by achieving improved patient outcomes, reduced healthcare costs, and better patient and provider experiences in the home
  • First clinical study of its kind enhances prior clinical evidence and real-world data collected through Medicare claims database

IRVINE, Calif. and DENVER, Colo., Sept. 28, 2022 – Pathnostics, a leading precision diagnostic testing and development company, and DispatchHealth, the nation’s first comprehensive in-home, high acuity medical care provider, announced the initiation of an observational study that will enroll a total of 6,800 U.S. patients who are suspected of urinary tract infections (UTIs), evaluating patient outcomes and management choices based on whether Guidance UTI or Standard Urine Culture (SUC) was used as the diagnostic test. The study is designed to assess whether clinical pathways involving the use of Guidance UTI is superior to standard clinical care practices for suspected UTIs.

UTIs place a substantial burden on individual health and healthcare resources. With significant rates of antibiotic resistance and UTI recurrence, these infections must be diagnosed and treated early and accurately. Guidance UTI is an advanced precision diagnostic test with rapid results for the management of complicated, recurrent, or persistent UTIs and elevated risk patients that combines PCR and Pooled Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing (P-AST™), which address polymicrobial infections where bacterial interactions can impact antibiotic resistance.

“DispatchHealth has a unique and proven care model that makes them the ideal partner for this clinical research,” said David Pauluzzi, CEO and vice chairman of Pathnostics. “As a trailblazing innovator dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare, they bring one-of-a-kind, home-based capabilities to this study that will evaluate the impact of advanced UTI testing on patient outcomes and costs, and provide important insights to patients, providers and payers about whether advanced testing can help get at-risk patients on the right path sooner.”

As a primary site partner for the study, DispatchHealth’s clinical providers will help enroll eligible patients while providing medical care to them in the safety and comfort of their homes. Patients will be followed to determine if and how health outcomes and management are affected based on whether the UTI diagnosis and subsequent treatment is guided by Guidance UTI or SUC.

DispatchHealth’s in-home, high acuity care model aligns the payer, clinician, health systems and complex patients to value-based care. Since its founding, DispatchHealth has scaled its proven in-home clinical model making its services available to more than 200 million patient-consumers and more than 75% of Medicare Advantage members across the nation. At its current growth rate, DispatchHealth will generate more than $2B in medical cost savings by 2023.

“High acuity care is moving to the home and clinical research must make that shift as well. Pathnostics continues to be a leader in the UTI testing space working to elevate the UTI diagnostic standard and is a company that shares our commitment to advancing clinical excellence through innovation backed by evidence,” said Mark Prather, MD, CEO and co-founder of DispatchHealth. “In the last seven years, DispatchHealth has provided safe, high-acuity in-home care to a large and aging patient population that suffers from a higher burden of complex UTIs. We’re excited to partner on this unique study, as well as future studies, which promise to provide important new information to advance informed decision-making and care for patients in need.”

The new clinical data collected through this research will add to the body of evidence regarding whether critical adverse outcomes, healthcare resource utilization and management vary based on whether UTI treatment is guided by Guidance UTI or SUC. Prior published evidence and a real-world analysis of Medicare claims data that was presented at the 2022 American Urology Association (AUA) Meeting in May showed significant health-outcome and cost-related benefits associated with Guidance UTI.

About Pathnostics
Pathnostics is a leading precision diagnostic testing and development company providing solutions for infectious disease and cancer diagnostics that will get patients on the right path. The flagship Guidance platform of solutions leverages its proprietary and patented technology for pooled antibiotic susceptibility testing, which provides more informed treatment options and supports antibiotic stewardship initiatives. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Pathnostics is a company of Water Street Healthcare Partners, a strategic investor focused exclusively on the healthcare industry. For more information about the company and its portfolio of products, visit pathnostics.com.

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DispatchHealth brings the power of the hospital to the comfort of the home. DispatchHealth is disrupting the healthcare industry by building the world’s largest in-home care ecosystems. Its in-home care ranges from on-demand high acuity care to an advanced level of medical care for people of all ages in the comfort of their own homes. DispatchHealth’s emergency medicine and internal medicine trained medical teams are equipped with all the tools necessary to treat common to complex injuries and illnesses. DispatchHealth works closely with payers, providers, health systems, EMS, employer groups and others to deliver care in the home to reduce unnecessary emergency room visits, hospital stays and readmissions. Acute Care medical teams are available seven days a week, evenings and holidays and can be requested online or a quick phone call. DispatchHealth is partnered with most major insurance companies. For more information, visit DispatchHealth.com.