Healthcare Innovators DispatchHealth and US Acute Care Solutions Join Forces to Transform Emergency Medicine and Propel Value-Based Care

DENVER | Nov. 2, 2023 | DispatchHealth has teamed up with US Acute Care Solutions (USACS) to make healthcare better by expanding access to additional support for patients after a hospital stay or when they need hospital alternative care at home. This joint effort centers on shared education and alignment in offering DispatchHealth’s in-home care models, when medically appropriate, while addressing patient preferences and care needs.


This model is designed to advance the Quadruple Aim in healthcare: enhancing care quality, improving health outcomes, lowering costs, and enriching the consumer experience while fostering the well-being of healthcare professionals and caregivers.

Highlights of this collaboration include:

  • Adding Tangible Value for Patients: Patients will experience more personalized, convenient, high-quality care within the comfort of their homes, leading to faster recovery and an enhanced overall experience.
  • Enhancing Clinical Outcomes: By facilitating seamless transitions, this partnership aspires to boost key quality metrics. These include improved patient satisfaction, decreased hospital-acquired conditions, and fewer readmissions.
  • Creating Seamless Transitions: USACS plays a pivotal role as a facilitator of medically appropriate care—it bridges the gap between hospitals, health systems, and DispatchHealth services, ensuring patients experience a smooth transition from hospitalization to in-home care or hospital alternative care at home.
  • Addressing Crucial Healthcare Challenges: This collaboration squarely addresses the critical issues of prolonged hospital stays, escalating healthcare costs, and the need for more patient-centric care models.
  • Empowering elevated levels of performance for health systems: By enabling health systems to thrive in value-based care models, this endeavor offers a comprehensive solution. It optimizes resource allocation, elevates performance metrics, and prioritizes patient-centered care.

Christopher Hummer, CEO of USACS, emphasized the significance of teaming up on this effort: “This partnership underscores our unwavering commitment to empowering health systems to thrive in value-based care models. By engaging in innovative care models and continuous quality improvement, USACS and our clinicians are best positioned to facilitate the utilization of the most appropriate site of care. Our work with DispatchHealth will deliver a more patient-centered approach, creating value for patients and the whole healthcare ecosystem.”

Dr. Mark Prather, co-founder and CEO of DispatchHealth, echoed this sentiment: “Our collaboration with USACS addresses the challenges that keep patients and care givers up at night. By helping USACS’ clinical teams understand and leverage our in-home medical services, they will deepen relationships with patients and health systems. Together, we’re making healthcare better and easier for everyone by providing real solutions that patients sincerely appreciate.”

DispatchHealth’s innovative approach to high-acuity healthcare delivery has garnered widespread recognition. By providing seamless transitions from hospital to home, DispatchHealth reduces the need for extended hospital stays that are not medically required by the patient’s condition and enhances overall patient satisfaction. Their in-home medical services are not only a game-changer for clinical outcomes but also a powerful solution to the pressing issue of escalating healthcare costs.

This collaboration between DispatchHealth and USACS embodies a shared vision of healthcare that prioritizes patients’ needs while addressing industry-wide challenges. They are poised to make a substantial impact on patient outcomes, healthcare costs, and the overall healthcare experience—advancing the Quadruple Aim.

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About DispatchHealth: Bringing the power of the hospital to the comfort of home™
DispatchHealth provides comprehensive and trusted medical care in the comfort of home to people with serious health concerns—with services that include same-day, urgent medical care; hospital alternative care; and recovery care. Our emergency medicine and hospitalist medicine trained care teams can use all the tools necessary—including imaging and IV infusions—to treat common to complex injuries and illnesses in the home. DispatchHealth is partnered with most major insurance companies and works closely with primary care and specialty care providers, EMS, health systems, senior living facilities, and employers to deliver in-home care that reduces unnecessary emergency room visits, hospital stays and readmissions. Since the company’s inception in 2013, our expert medical teams have treated more than one million people in their homes across more than 30 states in the country—resulting in 58% emergency room avoidance, 8.5% 30-day hospital readmission, 98% patient satisfaction, and nearly $1.5 billion in medical cost savings.

About US Acute Care Solutions: Founded by emergency medicine and inpatient physicians across the country, USACS is solely owned by its physicians and hospital system partners. The group is a national leader in integrated acute care, including emergency medicine, hospitalist, and critical care services. USACS provides high-quality care to approximately 10 million patients annually across more than 500 programs and is aligned with many of the leading health systems in the country. Visit for more.