Imaging and ultrasound

Creating a leading national mobile diagnostics platform

DispatchHealth has brought together mobile imaging leaders to expand on its innovative, patient-centric in-home care supported by a sophisticated healthcare technology platform. Dynamic Mobile Imaging, along with PPX, furthers DispatchHealth’s industry transforming vision and ensures convenient, safe and lower-cost medical care in the comfort of home.

Accurate diagnosis and fast results

Our experienced radiologists and world–class digital radiography systems provide a quality portable image so precise that the radiologists confirm exams surpass even those captured in a traditional setting.

Hospital-quality digital imaging

Our imaging partners were the first in the United States to bring hospital-quality digital x-rays to communities for more timely, accurate diagnoses of fractures, diseases and illnesses.

Controlled delivery

With our teams controlling the urgency of the imaging needs, we create flexibility in response time to arrive sooner for more urgent cases.

Imaging fo

“The miniaturization, portability, connectivity and technology innovation are occurring rapidly and will continue to enable complex care outside traditional healthcare settings.”

Dr. Mark Prather
DispatchHealth Co-Founder
Woman in a mask welcoming masked DispatchHealth providers at her front door

Who we serve

• Private residences
• Home care and hospice
• Long-term care facilities
• Assisted living & senior housing communities
• Correctional facilities
• Treatment centers
• Military operations
• Sporting events
• Disaster areas
• Homeless shelters
• Manufacturing facilities needing OSHA-required exams
• Chiropractic facilities
• Specialty hospitals, clinics and more…

PPX proudly serving the following areas:

• Arizona
• California
• Colorado
• Florida
• Iowa
• Minnesota
• Nebraska
• Nevada
• New Jersey
• North Dakota
• South Dakota
• Texas
• Washington
• Wisconsin

Dynamic Mobile Imaging proudly serving the following areas:

• Delaware
• Georgia
• Illinois
• Indiana
• Kentucky
• Maryland
• North Carolina
• Ohio
• South Carolina
• Tennessee
• Virginia
• Washington D.C.
• Wisconsin

In the news

DispatchHealth and Instacart Partner to Tackle Food Insecurity through Healthcare

Companies join forces to empower DispatchHealth’s in-home healthcare professionals with tools that help patients take action to address nutritional needs as part of their overall health and wellness.