Healthcare System Collaboration

Valley Health System and DispatchHealth have partnered to bring high-quality, convenient healthcare to northern New Jersey residents. Together, we will provide a seamless and convenient care experience by delivering advanced medical care to patients, in the comfort of your own homes.


New Jersey

It’s safe to say that your child’s illnesses and injuries are always inconvenient. Add to that the uncertainty of getting timely and appropriate treatment amid your family’s hectic schedule, and you’ll understand why northern New Jersey has long needed personalized pediatric care options. Thankfully, you can request care from DispatchHealth. We offer pediatric urgent care that’s fast, convenient, and affordable, and we do this by coming to your home.

We provide mobile urgent care to the northern New Jersey area. Find out if your Zip code is included in the current coverage area by entering it below.

If you would like a printer-friendly version of our service area, including all zip codes we currently serve, visit our local map page.

DispatchHealth. Because any room in your home beats an emergency room.

When your child is sick from the flu or has a painful rash that won’t go away, you want nothing more than to relieve the discomfort so that your lives can return to a happy normal. Sure, you can go to an urgent care clinic, but you’ll need to buckle your child into a car, drive to the clinic, and sit – for who knows how long – in a waiting room filled with sick patients. DispatchHealth offers a safer and more convenient alternative. Our mobile medical team is equipped with all the tools necessary to provide advanced pediatric medical care in the comfort and cleanliness of our home, and we treat virtually every illness and injury an urgent care clinic can, from common to complex.

DispatchHealth serves people of all ages, including pediatrics, geriatrics, and those with physical and intellectual disabilities.


We’ve got you covered!

We accept many insurances and are continuing to grow our health plan partnerships.

Also accepting credit, debit, health savings account (HSA), health reimbursement account (HRA) and flexible spending account (FSA) payments.

DispatchHealth’s prices are competitive with conventional urgent care facilities and cost 80-90% less than an ER.

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