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Break the 911 cycle for your patients, clients, or residents

DispatchHealth is here to bring you a valuable resource: same-day, high-acuity medical interventions, delivered to your patient’s home.


Visit details and service availability

Once you request a visit, a DispatchHealth team will arrive at your patient's home within a few hours, equipped with everything needed to treat them. the team is staffed by a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, and a medical technician. An ER-trained physician is always on-call.
We currently service the following areas:
  • 92397
  • 93510
  • 93523
  • 93534
  • 93535
  • 93536
  • 93543
  • 93544
  • 93550
  • 93551
  • 93552
  • 93553
  • 93591

To request a visit, call 682-317-9166 or visit

Insurance we accept

DispatchHealth accepts most major insurance plans in the areas we serve, including Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid.

Get expert care today in the comfort of home