Healthcare System Partner

DispatchHealth is proud to partner with MultiCare to expand care offerings in the Greater Pierce County for MultiCare members and local area residents. This partnership is also designed to create millions of dollars in medical cost savings.



Families throughout Tacoma and the Greater Pierce County area can rely on our mobile pediatric urgent care team for top-level service. Enter your ZIP code below to see if it’s included in our current coverage area. And, for a printer-friendly version of our service area that includes all of the Tacoma-area ZIP codes we currently serve, visit our local map page.

Trust our mobile care team to provide the urgent care treatment your child needs

When your child is sick or injured, your primary concern is getting them treatment as quickly as possible. Immediate care clinics may offer prompt service, but they also require you to transport your child to a germ-ridden office, where your child will be in close proximity to other sick individuals. Plus, because quick care clinics see so many patients each day, they may rush you through treatment, leaving you feeling like you didn’t receive the quality of care that you paid for.

DispatchHealth offers an alternative — our mobile pediatric urgent care team provides top-level, in-home treatment to patients across the Tacoma area. Just call us or request service on our website or mobile app, and your child can relax at home until we arrive one to two hours later. Whether your child has a cold, the flu, a cut, or a broken bone, we have the skills and equipment needed to handle it. We spend an average of 45 minutes with each patient, and we’ll even prepare a detailed report for your pediatrician once service is completed. And, we offer all of this for an affordable price — most of our patients pay $25 to $50 after insurance — so you won’t need to worry about spending more than you would at an immediate care clinic.


We’ve got you covered!

We accept most major health insurance plans in addition to Medicare and Medicare Advantage and are in-network for: Cigna, First Choice Health, Northwest Physicians Network, UnitedHealthcare and more.

We accept credit, debit, health savings account (HSA), health reimbursement account (HRA) and flexible spending account (FSA) payments.

DispatchHealth’s prices are competitive with conventional urgent care facilities and cost 80-90% less than an ER.

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