Innovage And DispatchHealth Partner To Bring Back The House Call For Denver Metro Seniors

DENVER, Nov. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Starting this month, InnovAge and DispatchHealth are partnering to bring back the house call and reduce unnecessary emergency room visits for the 2,000-plus older adults who participate in InnovAge’s Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) in the Denver metro area. InnovAge PACE centers included in the DispatchHealth program are in Aurora (Chambers Center), Denver, Lakewood (Cody Center), and Thornton. Participants at these centers can be seen in their homes by emergency-trained medical professionals for a variety of services, including respiratory infections, minor fractures and cuts, infections, nosebleeds, and nausea and vomiting. “The opportunity to treat our participants in their own homes – rather than sending them unnecessarily to an emergency room – is a natural fit for InnovAge and our commitment to helping seniors age in place,” said Dr. Lisa Price, InnovAge chief medical officer, who oversees the DispatchHealth partnership. “Some medical situations still require a trip to the emergency room. By working with DispatchHealth, we can help our participants and their caregivers avoid the inconvenience, time and expense of unnecessary visits to the ER,” she said. “DispatchHealth was designed to promote access to care, improve patient experience and decrease the overall cost of care,” said Dr. Mark Prather, chief executive officer of DispatchHealth. “Our care model has proven that acute medical care can be delivered safely and cost-effectively in the homes of seniors. We’re excited to partner with such a forward-thinking organization as InnovAge and execute on our common goals of improved health outcomes and quality of life for older adults in Colorado.” PACE is a federal program for seniors on Medicare and/or Medicaid, and is designed to keep seniors living in their own homes and communities for as long as safely possible. InnovAge and DispatchHealth will work together to track outcomes and savings. About InnovAge. InnovAge empowers seniors and caregivers by creating a personalized roadmap for aging based on an individual’s unique and evolving needs. As a leader in senior care, InnovAge guides and offers tailored solutions for seniors and their families, with the goal of keeping seniors in their homes as long and as safely possible. InnovAge has supported and cared for thousands of seniors since 1991 and currently operates in Colorado, New Mexico and California. InnovAge is a leading provider of the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) and also offers in-home care services, healthcare and day programs, care management services, memory loss programs and affordable senior housing. About DispatchHealth. A rapidly scaling Denver, Colorado-based company, DispatchHealth provides right-sized healthcare through the power of technology, convenience and service. DispatchHealth delivers on-demand healthcare services to a patient’s home, office or location or need. With a call, click or tap of an app, patients get a skilled medical team at their door in a matter of hours. DispatchHealth is redefining healthcare through a unique mobile acute care delivery model that is high-tech and convenient for patients while alleviating the burden on primary care providers, urgent care facilities and emergency rooms. Contact: Sarah Rasmussen, InnovAge, 720-646-0312, Kevin Riddleberger, DispatchHealth, 720-990-5097, Logo - Logo - SOURCE InnovAge Read the full story here: