Mobile Healthcare Delivery Startup, DispatchHealth, Raises $3.6M; Set For Rapid Expansion

DENVER -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- DispatchHealth, a Denver, Colo.,-based company, provides mobile, onsite healthcare for acute care patients via a high-tech, low-cost solution. House calls of the past simply consisted of a doctor and a black bag. DispatchHealth uses mobile cars staffed by acute care clinicians, equipped with a CLIA-certified lab, medical equipment, medications and IV’s, wifi connectivity providing access to the health information exchange, and a network of established mobile radiology providers to administer state-of-the-art care in the convenience of the home, office or senior care facility. Today it announced a $3.6 million, seed funding round for expansion of its current services, as well as to administer onsite, advanced medical care, improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. DispatchHealth delivers care through multiple channels, including local municipalities and 911-first response systems, health systems, employers and payers, and senior care facilities. When a 911 call or consumer request is placed, appropriate vetting through advanced clinical algorithms takes place to determine if a DispatchHealth team can serve the patient’s acute needs – illness or injury – and a medical team is dispatched to the site of care. DispatchHealth clinicians are the same high-quality clinicians patients would see in their local emergency department. “Our care model has proven acute care can safely be handled in the convenience of the patient’s home or location of need,” said Dr. Mark Prather, CEO, DispatchHealth. “Whether caring for an elderly parent, an injured or ill child, or facing an acute illness or injury themselves, consumers now have a new option to address individual healthcare needs without the expense, inconvenience and time requirements often associated with urgent and emergency care facilities. DispatchHealth’s network is unique relative to our competitors because we have employer relationships, senior care relationships, payer contracts and 911 diversion efforts in place, as well as the common direct to consumer approach we have begun to see in the marketplace. As a parent, I would prefer having my family seen by a dedicated team that has managed everything from common urgent care needs, to the complexity of non-emergent 911 calls, and can do the necessary tests in the home for definitive care.” A number of strategic and angel investors contributed to the round, including EMP Holdings, LLC, the majority shareholder in one of the nation’s largest physician-owned emergency medicine companies, and previous investor in iTriage (acquired in 2011 by Aetna), and StatHealth (acquired in 2015 by Teledoc). Its chairman, Dr. Peter Hudson, also founder and former CEO of iTriage, has joined the DispatchHealth team as a board member and investor. “DispatchHealth is a compelling investment opportunity as its team has extensive medical experience who have developed a unique care delivery model that provides high-quality, onsite, acute care for patients of all types,” said Hudson. “Its innovative pilot through the 911 system in the Denver metro area has enabled them to develop a care model that provides definitive treatment for a wide range of acute care, from simple to complex cases. I believe this is unique in the new era of technology-enabled house calls.” A recent RAND study estimated that 37 percent of all ER visits were likely unnecessary and could be cared for in a lower cost care setting. Results from DispatchHealth’s pilot, with more than 400 patients and $1 million saved, demonstrated its model of mobile onsite acute care reduces unnecessary costs, as well as helps patients exit a very costly 911 system safely and without bounce backs to the emergency department. Care in the home is predicted to increase nearly 25 percent over the next 10 years. DispatchHealth is positioned to be a leader in this home care revolution and is designed to increase access to care, decrease costs and improve outcomes. DispatchHealth, formerly True North Health Navigation, was founded in 2013 by two former mobile health executives, Dr. Mark Prather and Kevin Riddleberger. It hosts a veteran leadership team who brings together the best startup, clinical and engineering skill sets to execute on a unique business model. DispatchHealth is contracted with all major payers in Colorado and bills insurance directly for the care provided. In addition, an affordable flat fee is provided for uninsured patients. Its services are the broadest available in the market, and include:

  • Mobile “treatment units” with advanced treatment capabilities including IV medications, IV fluids, laceration repair, splinting, urinary catheter and feeding tube replacement
  • 1st mobile CLIA-certified lab with the ability to perform immediate laboratory testing in the home or workplace
  • An advanced medication formulary that allows for definitive treatment of a wide range of illnesses in the home or workplace
  • Vetted clinical treatment algorithms that support safe, high-quality care for a broad spectrum of diseases in the home or workplace
  • Low-cost, outpatient imaging partnerships
  • Integration with Colorado’s Health Information Exchange, which allows providers access into their patient’s past health history, across the entire health ecosystem, thereby decreasing redundant care and resulting in better clinical decision making
  • Closed-loop reporting to primary care providers and care teams resulting in improved patient outcomes and follow up
  • DispatchHealth is actively exploring the next markets for expansion, and plans to increase its footprint in early 2016.

About DispatchHealth DispatchHealth is redefining healthcare through a unique mobile, onsite, acute-care delivery model that is high tech and low cost. DispatchHealth delivers care through multiple channels, including local municipalities and 911-first response systems, health systems, in partnership with employers and payers, and for senior care facilities. The veteran leadership team at DispatchHealth brings together the best startup, clinical and engineering skills to execute on this unique business model. For more information, visit