Webinar: Find a solution when faced with the impact of a ‘tripledemic’

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Healthcare experts in the United States and overseas warn of a COVID-19, influenza and RSV “tripledemic” this winter. Early indicators point to a potential surge of the Omicron variant BA.5 and its subvariants, an active flu season with H3N2 as the predominant strain, and high cases of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

In this webinar, DispatchHealth’s Chief Medical Officer, Phil Mitchell MD, MS, and National Medical Director of Clinical Oversight, Stefen Ammon, MD, discuss the impact of the ‘tripledemic’ on the healthcare system, and solutions to help ease the burden for providers, case managers, and caregivers, while keeping patients and residents out of the emergency room and healthier in their own homes.

Webinar topics:

  • COVID-19 vs influenza vs RSV
  • What to expect from the tripledemic: severity, testing and prevention
  • Impact on health care system
  • Strategies for providers, case managers and caregivers
  • Bringing acute care resources into patients’ homes with DispatchHealth

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More about our speakers

Phil Mitchell MD, MS

Chief Medical Officer, DispatchHealth

Dr. Mitchell completed his residency training at Denver Health and Hospitals in 2001, where he served as chief resident and was selected as the most outstanding resident. He has since worked as an emergency physician in the Denver metro area and has been the medical director in a busy Level III and Level II emergency department. In 2014, Dr. Mitchell joined DispatchHealth as Chief Medical Officer with the goal of making in-home care accessible for all patients. In the past seven years, Dr. Mitchell has been instrumental in building the world’s largest complete system of care in the home, with over 80 million people now having access to this care.

Over the last 10 years, Dr. Mitchell has been an active member, as well as a chairman, of both the Utilization Management and Patient Safety and Quality committees within his primary hospital. Throughout his education and career, Dr. Mitchell has focused on patient safety and the delivery of quality, evidence-based medicine.

Dr. Stefen Aamon, MD

Stefen Ammon, MD
National Medical Director of Clinical Oversight, DispatchHealth

Dr. Ammon is a board-certified emergency medicine physician and medical director at DispatchHealth. His medical education and experience have led him to organizational, administrative and leadership opportunities, including serving as a chief resident, emergency department medical director, hospital board member and hospital chief of medical staff/medical staff president. Dr. Ammon is a leading member of the DispatchHealth COVID-19 Task Force, created to keep patients and providers safe from contracting and spreading COVID-19 through education and the development of safety and treatment protocols.

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DispatchHealth brings the power of the hospital to the comfort of home™

DispatchHealth works in conjunction with health systems, provider groups, senior living communities, home health organizations, payers and employers to provide a comprehensive spectrum of healthcare services, ensuring that most patients with acute, intensive, or chronic health conditions can receive exceptional and cost-effective medical care at home. We provide top-rated, high-acuity healthcare for medically complex patients in their home.

Patients can also contact DispatchHealth directly by phone, app or website. DispatchHealth is partnered with most major insurance companies.

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