Case Study: COPD and CHF

The hospital alternative in action: Advanced Care


How Advanced Care can help:

  • Generate medical cost savings for your high-risk patients
  • Increase patient satisfaction by providing care in the home where they are most comfortable
  • Improve health outcomes by addressing SDoH
  • Support a reduction in readmission rates
  • Expand your practice with DispatchHealth in-home mobile offerings, without the investment of time and capital from your team

Do you have a patient like this?

Introduction & Presentation

Meet Joseph, an 80-year-old male who had been transported by ambulance to the hospital. During transport heroic measures (intubation in-home, secondary to cardiac arrest) were taken by paramedics, they were unaware of his DNR. Joseph was admitted to Advanced Care seven days after leaving the hospital AMA.

The power of Advanced Care for COPD and CHF

On-site intervention: Advanced Care, high acuity

History: The patient has a history of CHF, COPD, insulin-dependent diabetes, neuropathy resulting from daily alcohol use and disrupted gait. Primary complaint on this day is shortness of breath.

Physical exam: Diminished bilateral breath sounds.

Labs: On-site labs – blood cultures; received results of urine culture from PCP; COVID test.

On-site imaging: Chest x-ray.

Medications: IV antibiotics, adjustment to diuretic, beta-blockers and antihypertensive to help level blood pressure and hypotensive episodes.

In-person and remote patient monitoring: Physician-led daily rounding, continuous remote monitoring of ECG, blood pressure, pulse ox, and weight. In-person nightly visit with nurse, in addition to a follow-up call each evening with nursing staff.

SDOH assessment: Oxygen initiation safety assessment: provided with fire extinguisher and CO2 detector, added “Oxygen in use” signs.

Education: Discussed options for goals of care.

Care coordination: OT assessment for safety given recent decline, connected patient and caregiver with nurse case managers through insurance for ongoing support. Ongoing discussion with PCP on the progress of care plan.

30-day transitional Care: During the transitional phase, the patient was diagnosed and treated for new onset pneumonia. After building trust between Joseph and his daughter the collective decision was made for Joseph to be transitioned to hospice care.


Joseph’s experience:

Joseph lived with his daughter who was the primary caregiver for both Joseph and her adult special needs child. Joseph’s daughter said, “You all are amazing. We just love that you can come here and help us. He does not ever want to go back to the hospital. Thank you for everything you are doing.”

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