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You deserve access to exceptional in-home healthcare. We deliver.

Trips to the walk-in clinic for a respiratory infection, urinary tract infection (UTI), or a serious fall are never fun; transportation can be a challenge, not to mention the stress of sitting in a crowded waiting room.

We believe that people of all ages and in all conditions deserve access to convenient, prompt medical attention, which is why we proudly bring our on-demand, medical services to your home or place of need.

One of our top-rated medical teams will arrive just a few hours after a patient requests a visit. The team can provide pediatric and geriatric healthcare in the comfort of home, and can also offer support for patients with Alzheimer’s, COPD, social phobias, and much more.

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Meet our top-rated medical teams

During a Dispatchhealth visit, you can expect the same healthcare professionals you would see in an emergency room or hospital. Matched to treat your healthcare needs, your DispatchHealth medical team may include an emergency medicine or internal medicine physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, nurse, medical technician, and/or imaging technician. They bring all the tools and technology needed to treat most non-life-threatening emergencies.

In addition to treating acute health problems, we provide complex medical services in the comfort of home that traditionally required more expensive facility-based care, including IV infusions, advanced formulary of medications, rapid blood and urine testing, EKGs, and X-rays. 

DispatchHealth medical teams share treatment plans and results with your doctor to ensure appropriate follow-up care. They also coordinate billing directly with your insurance company so you can focus on recovery. 

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