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We proudly serve people with COPD

During a COPD exacerbation, skip the trip to the ER and rely on DispatchHealth to provide convenient, in-home treatment.

Unlike traditional healthcare systems, we bring high-quality medical care to your home

When living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), the simplest tasks can become a challenge—especially those that trigger anxiety and panic. And in a panicky, breathless moment, driving to the ER to seek medical treatment is the last thing you want to do. Research shows that patients with COPD face a lot of issues surrounding access to convenient healthcare for high-acuity medical and social needs, as shortness of breath and other symptoms of the disease can already weaken a person’s ability to function. Instead of taking valuable time planning a trip to your nearest healthcare center to receive advanced treatment for a common or complex ailment, turn to DispatchHealth. Unlike traditional facility-based healthcare, our in-home medical services offer convenient, comfortable, and safe ER-level care for those dealing a comorbidity. From acute health problems to complex conditions, such as UTIs, pneumonia, flu, and bronchitis, our medical teams can prescribe medications, take blood tests, and even suture wounds in the comfort of your home. Requesting a visit is as easy as downloading our app, visiting our website, or giving us a call; within a few hours, we’ll be at your home or place of need.

We can treat nearly everything an emergency room can

The qualified medical team who will provide your treatment consists of either a physician assistant or nurse practitioner along with a DispatchHealth medical technician (DHMT) and on-call physician. These comprehensive teams will arrive at your home with a full-service medical kit that contains roughly 70 percent of the tools and technologies found in the ER, ranging from blood tests and 12-lead EKG to IVs, sutures, staples, splints, and more. After a careful examination, our medical experts can then provide a report to your primary care physician or home health agency. Best of all, the medical cost for a DispatchHealth visit is nearly one-tenth of the medical cost for an ER visit, and we accept all major insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. For convenient medical care from the comfort of your home, DispatchHealth is your knight in shining armor.

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