5 Gross Facts that will Change Your Handwashing Routine

Have you washed your recently? The truth is that germs are everywhere and more often than not, people are falling short when it comes to hygiene. And after reading these five cringe-worthy facts, you might find yourself running to the nearest sink. 1. One Germ Can Become Eight Million in a Single Day Did you […]

Why Emergency Room Visits Spike at Thanksgiving

You may think of it as turkey day, a day to visit with relatives you don’t see any other time of year, or a great day to watch football. But for the staff at your local ER, it’s one of the busiest days of the year. Have you ever wondered why? There are some pretty […]

The Innovative Solution That Changed my Outlook on Healthcare

People hear that DispatchHealth provides mobile urgent care and often assume it’s a convenient service that only wealthy people can afford. The reality is that we treat the sickest among our communities, whether that’s in a gated neighborhood or low income housing. In just a few hours a patient can hit dozens of obstacles within […]

Millennials are Stepping up as Family Caregivers

There are plenty of articles floating around decrying the lack of work ethic and responsibility demonstrated by some in the millennial generation. But don’t be too hasty to paint them all with the same broad branch. While it’s certainly true that there are members of this generation who have never actually made it out of […]