Healthcare Providers and Insurers Advocate Treating Seniors at Home

Providers and insurers ranging from primary care and specialty physicians to Medicare and leading insurance companies are increasingly advocating for a modern-day house call for seniors. For providers, it’s beneficial to partner with a company that delivers care to patients when acute needs arise after hours or during busy clinic days. For insurance companies, it’s […]

5 Ways House Calls Provide Peace of Mind for Seniors

All too often, acute health problems merit an immediate trip to the hospital for seniors. So imagine an advanced care house call that comes to you instead, generally within 1-2 hours. Out-of-pocket costs are very affordable; the contribution to peace of mind is invaluable. Fortunately, this is a reality with new on-demand healthcare services. Getting […]

Why Seasonal Change Makes People Sick

The weather is changing. Out with the blustery winds and snowy days, in with bright sunshine and blooming flowers. But as you begin to celebrate the arrival of spring, there may be something other than birdsong in the air. If it seems like you feel poorly every time the seasons change, you’re not alone. There […]

Keeping Older Adults Safe by Delivering Healthcare

For healthy younger people, a trip to the emergency room is an inconvenience. But for many seniors, a trip to the emergency room can present logistical problems and dangers that could further complicate health problems. No matter if you’re plenty agile and living independently or if you’re staying in an assisted living residence and need […]