Caring for Someone With COPD & Congestive Heart Failure: What You Need to Know

Becoming a caregiver, especially for a loved one with a progressive condition like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), can be a challenge. The symptoms associated with this gradual disease affect everyone differently, from crippling everyday functions to hindering the ability to enjoy social activities. If you’re a caretaker for someone who has recently been diagnosed […]

Pneumonia vs Bronchitis: How to Tell the Difference

You’re on the mend! And the prospect of escaping your bed for the first time in weeks is too good to ignore. But then, you feel the dangerous twinge of something threaten your speedy recovery. Your throat is coated in mucus, and your body is weighed down with fever and fatigue. Wheezing and a tight […]

Tips for Dealing With Post-Stroke Fatigue

Have you recently had a stroke and now feel more tired than usual? Most adults need a midday caffeine boost, but post-stroke fatigue takes it to a whole new level. People who have had a stroke often feel extreme fatigue—not only during the 3 p.m. slump, but far more often. And post-stroke fatigue isn’t always […]

House Calls Span Three Generations in One Home

As a health insurance broker, wife and mother of two, Katie Roth, certainly has her hands full and schedule packed. Like most families, when sickness or injury strikes the Roth household, it’s difficult to coordinate the care needed given the traditional hospital wait times. So when Katie heard of a reputable healthcare service that treat […]