Managing COPD With the Flu

What would you do if you couldn’t catch your breath? It’s unnerving, the gasping. Now, try living with a progressive disease that constantly threatens to take your breath away. For those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), this is routine. The relationship you have with your comorbidity is a toxic one, making it difficult to […]

Flu Complications: Who is Most At Risk?

Winter’s arrival marks some of our favorite things: the holidays, snow days, cozy nights spent inside drinking hot cocoa. It also marks a less welcome arrival: flu season. Every year, around 8% of the American population contracts influenza, commonly referred to as the flu. For some, recovery is simple: rest, hydration, and lots of sleep […]

How to Lower the Risk of Pneumonia for At-Risk Seniors

Did you know that pneumonia affects millions of people every year? We’re talking around seven percent of the global population! When you look at this percentage closer, the majority affected are youngsters and seniors—especially those with existing medical conditions. Why? While there are treatments for this infection, it can become fatal in situations where the […]

DispatchHealth: 2019 Milestones and 2020 Vision

The new year is approaching, and with it brings a fresh outlook on the direction of our healthcare ecosystem. And ironically, the phrase “20/20 vision” is fitting as we enter 2020 with a clear vision on how to disrupt the industry.  In 2019, we reached new milestones. We delivered care to more than 71,000 patients, […]