Market Spotlight: Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA

The bustling city of Richmond, Virginia, has a fascinating history dating back to 1742. Decades before the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, Richmond was an established town. In those years, medical doctors were in short supply, and treatment options for illnesses were severely limited.

Today, medical care looks much different and continues to evolve in this eclectic city with a small-town feel. DispatchHealth is pleased to be a healthcare option for Richmond-area residents. And since we arrived in Richmond several years ago, we’ve been impressed by this amazing city and its solid sense of community.

DispatchHealth’s Growth in Richmond

The DispatchHealth Richmond office opened in 2017 with two teams of medical practitioners and two acute care cars. In our first month, we cared for more than 60 patients. Today, we care for an average of more than a thousand patients each month. Our Richmond services include:

  • Acute Care: Our Richmond office includes 11 DispatchHealth acute care cars that travel daily to patients’ homes. Our acute care teams are skilled in providing in-home care for patients with non-life-threatening conditions. The most common illnesses we treated in Richmond in 2022 were upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections (UTIs), and sinusitis (sinus infections). That year, our providers helped more than 50% of patients avoid an emergency room visit.
  • Advanced Care: This team provides in-home care for people who might otherwise need hospital care. Led by a board-certified hospitalist-trained internist, we deliver exceptional care to patients with longer-term high acuity healthcare needs.
  • Bridge Care: We care for patients who recently had an emergency room visit or hospital admission. Our providers support the transition home and provide ongoing, in-home care. Our Bridge Care services are an alternative to a skilled nursing or rehabilitation facility.
  • Mobile imaging services: DispatchHealth Imaging brings X-rays, ultrasounds, and other imaging tests to you, so you don’t have to travel.

The DispatchHealth Culture in Richmond

Our Richmond team enjoys connecting through our shared mission: to deliver trusted, compassionate care in the comfort of home. Each member of our team has their own take on the things they love about this beautiful city and working at DispatchHealth.

Finding a home in at-home care

“Our team culture in Richmond is strong,” says Kinsey Manchester, Richmond’s lead medical technician. “Each of us has a distinct role in helping our patients, and we work together seamlessly.”

Manchester says her co-workers and patients alike make her job enjoyable. “My favorite part of working at DispatchHealth is the people. Coming to work is a joy, thanks to my coworkers and the people of Richmond.”

Caring for our community

You can’t miss the Richmond hometown presence on our team. Timothy Talbert, lead advanced practice provider for DispatchHealth in Richmond, was born and raised in Richmond. “I feel honored to serve people in my own community,” says Talbert.

And Amanda Cathey, DispatchHealth medical technician and lab quality control, is a lifelong Richmond resident who joined DispatchHealth in 2020.

Cathey’s background allows her to work in many medical settings, including the hospital. But she particularly enjoys the type of care DispatchHealth provides. “Caring for people in their home is one of the best parts of my job,” says Cathey. “Providing in-home care is rewarding because we see how patients appreciate the service we provide for them. And I love the people on the Richmond team. They’re kind, caring and excellent at what they do.”

Taking in the southern comfort

Adam Martinelli, DispatchHealth medical technician, joined the team in 2021. A Chicago native, Martinelli quickly fell in love with Richmond’s relaxed way of life and mild winters.

“The pace of living here in Richmond is less rushed and frantic than in big cities,” says Martinelli. “Plus, I get to enjoy the weather when I’m on the road visiting patients. It’s an honor to care for people in their homes, where they feel most comfortable.”

Exceptional care, focused on you

Michelle Bryant-Albright, physician assistant, also joined our Richmond team in 2021. She feels that Richmond has unique qualities that make it a perfect place for both work and play.

“Richmond has all the positives of a big city, but without the traffic,” says Bryant-Albright. “There are plenty of cultural attractions, but it still has small-town charm.”

On a professional level, Bryant-Albright enjoys providing care that’s truly focused on each patient as an individual. “We have an approach to care that you really can’t find anywhere else,” she says. “I enjoy caring for patients in their homes because it’s where they feel most relaxed and comfortable. Everything we do is about the patient and helping them heal.”

We know healthcare is local and we are proud to be part of the Richmond community. We appreciate the genuine hospitality and welcome we’ve received since day one. And as the city grows and evolves, DispatchHealth will continue to support the health needs of those who call Richmond home.

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