Employee Spotlight on Steve Carrier: Healthcare Finance Professional and U.S. Navy Veteran

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Ten years in the U.S. Navy taught Steve Carrier some important lessons. Teamwork. Respect. Perseverance.

Today, those lessons are ingrained into every part of Steve’s life. As Senior Vice President of Payer Strategy and Innovation at DispatchHealth, Steve focuses on business and financial matters. And while he doesn’t work with patients directly, they’re at the center of everything he does. His time in the Navy is a key reason why he believes in doing his best every day.

Determined at a young age

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“Me (right) and a buddy arm in arm before a helicopter ride off the coast of California.”

Steve’s journey to the Navy started when he was just a child living in Los Gatos, California. He looked up to his father, who had served in Vietnam as a Naval Officer. And by 11 years old, Steve felt a strong desire to enroll in the Navy, too.

“When I told my dad I wanted to join the Navy, he was very honest with me,” says Steve. “He said that I needed to get straight As and become serious about self-discipline. I buckled down on my schoolwork, started martial arts and played competitive sports. And my dad was right — self-discipline is a crucial skill to learn, and it’s one I continue to use every day.”

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Graduation when Steve was commissioned as an officer.

Early days in the Naval Academy

After high school graduation, Steve enrolled in the U.S. Naval Academy. While he ultimately found success in the military, he experienced a bumpy start.

“In my early days at the Academy, I was completely out of my comfort zone,” Steve says. “It was overwhelming, and I was shell-shocked by my new daily routine. I struggled to find my feet, and more than a few people thought I would fail.”

But, Steve recalls, he had a moment of inspiration and determination that changed the course of his life. “I thought to myself, ‘They think I can’t do this, but I think I can.’ And from that day, things changed for me. By the end of the summer, I was the Company Commander.”

Life as an officer and beyond

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Steve with his family

After four years in the U.S. Naval Academy, Steve served six years as a Naval officer. “I was color blind, so my Navy job options were somewhat limited,” Steve explained. “I ended up in supply chain management and earned my master’s degree in finance. Though it seemed like I fell into the field by accident, it was the best path I could have ever imagined.”

After completing his time in the Navy, Steve wanted a job that would allow him to spend more time with his family. He worked for several healthcare organizations in finance and strategy roles before coming to DispatchHealth, and he’s the first to say that he loves the company, the culture and what DispatchHealth stands for.

“It’s refreshing to work for DispatchHealth because everything we do puts the patients first,” Steve says. “I believe our care model is an example for other organizations. We focus on quality care — always. I feel fortunate to work with such motivated, talented people who share that common goal.”

Thank you, veterans

This Veterans Day, we honor Steve and all military veterans and thank them for their service to our nation. We are forever grateful for their dedication and sacrifice.

“My experience in the Navy has shaped who I am and what I do,” Steve says. “I served alongside some incredible people who gave their lives for our country. I remember them every day and strive to honor their legacy and what they taught me.”

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