Employee Spotlight on Francisco Campos: Growth-Minded Healthcare Professional and Hispanic Community Advocate

Francisco Spotlight - header photo

Francisco (center, in blue t-shirt) with his extended family.

Francisco Campos’ well-rounded experience as a healthcare professional made him an ideal candidate to join DispatchHealth in San Antonio, Texas in 2021. He’d worked as a registered nurse for seven years and later as a project manager for a medical device company. He holds an MBA from Duke University and is a Texas native. He was a natural fit.

Francisco’s first role with DispatchHealth was as Market Manager for the new location in San Antonio. He was responsible for building awareness and developing relationships with healthcare providers, practice managers, clinics, and community health groups.

Francisco - DH event

Francisco at an event with Michelle Sanchez, Houston market manager.

“There are different stages of business growth in a new market,” says Francisco. “I work closely with our strategy teams to know where to focus my efforts. Providers with heavy ER and inpatient caseloads are enthusiastic about partnering with us. They see the value in our care delivery model.”

Francisco was quickly promoted to Area Operations Manager for several Texas markets. Today, he is the Growth Operations Manager for DispatchHealth in the Southcentral and Southeast regions.

Connecting with the Hispanic community

A big part of Francisco’s job is getting out into the community. He especially enjoys representing DispatchHealth at health fairs and health screening events. Francisco says that his Hispanic heritage helps him make strong connections in the regions he serves.

“I grew up speaking Spanish as my first language. In San Antonio, in particular, there is a large Spanish-speaking population. The people I meet at these events feel comfortable talking to me about their healthcare. They trust me because I can communicate in their language.”

Trust is highly valued in the Hispanic community. Word of mouth is the best advertising. “If I say I recommend a certain service or vendor, people in the community trust each other’s word,” explains Francisco.

Francisco Spotlight - With Emi

Francisco with his daughter Emi

He finds it easy to promote DispatchHealth at community events. “People’s eyes light up when they hear we can deliver quality hospital-level care in their home. They immediately understand the value that we have to offer. Would you rather wait in the ER for many hours or stay home on your couch?”

A commitment to diversity

When Francisco first joined DispatchHealth, most of the other start-up staff for the San Antonio market were already hired. He was happy to see that the team’s diversity matched that of the community. He knew he was in the right place.

Today, Francisco is a role model for rapid career advancement. He has encouraged the recruitment of other Spanish speakers. He has personally brought talented people into the company and helped them grow as healthcare professionals.

“DispatchHealth mindfully recruits for diversity in all of our roles,” says Francisco. “It is a conscious effort across the entire company, in every market. We respect and honor our differences.”

Fast-paced and fun with good people

Francisco first became interested in healthcare as a child. His aunt was a nurse, and he understood that she cared for people and decided he wanted to do that, too.

Francisco Spotlight - Growth Marketing Team

Francisco with the DispatchHealth Growth Marketing team in Denver, CO

He also gives his mother a lot of credit for his positive upbringing. “She was a teenage mom. She worked hard, went to college and instilled important values in us. My mother set me up for success.”

What success looks like today is a chance to grow and advance in a fun and fast-paced workplace at DispatchHealth. Francisco likes that we still operate as an agile startup company, even though we already serve over 40 markets nationwide.

He gets the support and direction he needs from accessible leaders and knowledgeable mentors. Francisco knows his future growth is in his hands, saying, “I want to do my best in my current role and be impactful in all I do.”

You can join Francisco and over 1,000 other healthcare professionals at DispatchHealth — a certified Great Place to Work® for three years in a row. Visit our Careers page to learn more and apply online.

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