Meet Grant Koehler, Director of Radiology Clinical Resources at DispatchHealth Imaging

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Grant Koehler, director of radiology clinical resources at DispatchHealth Imaging (formerly PPX).

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Employee spotlight: Grant Koehler

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Grant Koehler

Grant Koehler is the Radiology Clinical Resources and Radiation Safety Officer at DispatchHealth in Burnsville, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis. Imaging was not on his radar when he began looking for a career.

“I didn’t have much direction after high school,” says Grant. “My father pushed me to find career options. During this same time, he received a diagnosis of liver disease. Going with him to his treatments exposed me to a lot of medical professionals and career paths.”

“I could see that imaging offered many different opportunities. Plus, the equipment was fascinating. You get to actually look inside the patient to help provide a diagnosis and share that with the doctor. I knew this was right for me.”

Imaging careers at DispatchHealth

Grant liked the autonomy offered by a DispatchHealth mobile imaging career. Instead of working in a hospital or clinic imaging center, he would be out on the road by himself. He’d be able to build relationships with a handful of people each day versus seeing a steady flow of patients for a few minutes at a time.

“When you start at DispatchHealth Imaging, you’ll have 2-4 weeks of x-ray training, then you are on your own with the confidence and support you need,” says Grant. “Conducting x-rays in a mobile environment requires you to be more creative. You don’t have an x-ray table or pre-programmed x-ray generator.”

“You work with what you have in the patient’s home, using blankets and pillows to get them into a comfortable position for the necessary images. This gives you the flexibility to do more views and provide a higher level of care.”

Today, Grant serves as a Radiology Clinical Resources and Radiation Safety Officer. He works in the service department, building the equipment and maintaining the vehicles. Grant collaborates with the workflow coordinators that dispatch the radiologic techs. He also oversees and supports the mobile imaging team with whatever they need.

“We’re in constant communication,” Grant stresses. “Even though we’re out on the road by ourselves, we have support no matter the situation. No one ever feels like they are alone. We are all in this together. You have the whole DispatchHealth team behind you.”

The most advanced mobile imaging tech

DispatchHealth equips our imaging teams with new hospital-quality digital x-ray generators. These units are battery-operated with wireless panels, which means that we can do x-rays in almost any environment, as they do not require an electrical outlet.

The wireless panels are some of the most sensitive and durable on the market today. That means we can use a lower dose of radiation without sacrificing accuracy. The software also incorporates tools to easily adjust image quality and rotation, so we can get all the images we need without having to make a repeat visit.

We also use a practice management system called LatticePro to support our imaging services, from care delivery through billing. This platform is being integrated with the Athena EMR for greater efficiency across DispatchHealth.

An hour in the day of a DispatchHealth imaging tech

  • Receive imaging order
  • Prep the vehicle
  • Warm up the x-ray equipment
  • Drive to patient’s location
  • Conduct a visit in as little as 15 minutes
  • Pack up the vehicle
  • Call in if needed
  • Drive to next visit

Diversity of patients and opportunities

In Minnesota, DispatchHealth performs x-rays at patients’ homes, assisted living and skilled nursing communities, and corrections facilities. We also do x-rays for the Minnesota Vikings professional football team and the Minnesota Golden Gophers, the University of Minnesota football team.

Additionally, we conduct manufacturing and industrial workplace imaging in response to Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) requests. We look for serious conditions like black lung disease and silicosis, a lung disease caused by inhaling stone, rock, sand or clay dust.

“Most imaging visits last 15 minutes or so, but some last a little longer,” notes Grant. “Especially with our geriatric patients who are socially isolated. The extra minutes we spend making someone feel cared for is an important part of the job.”

Patients often tell Grant that he reminds them of a relative. “I hear it all the time,” he says with a smile. “The patients we work with are the biggest reward of what I do.”

Benefits of working with DispatchHealth

Working with DispatchHealth provides autonomy for experienced imaging techs and great foundational experience for new grads. We welcome all licensed candidates with American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification and a good driving record. Apply now for these benefits and more:

Life/work balance

  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Full-time, part-time, and PRN roles
  • Weekend-only staffing available
  • Travel team opportunities in high-need areas

Financial perks

  • Sign-on bonuses
  • Certification reimbursement
  • Company-matching 401k plan

Welcoming team culture

  • Diversity of patients
  • Supportive leadership
  • Career mobility and transfer opportunities
  • Connection to community and each other

DispatchHealth is proud to provide a veteran and military-friendly workplace. We offer the support and encouragement to transition to a civilian career.

“I joined the military as a reservist after my junior year in high school. I thought the military would be my career. While I never deployed, I did learn direction, leadership, and teamwork,” says Grant. “But it was DispatchHealth that taught me empathy and compassion. Our team includes several veterans and active military, some who were x-ray techs and others who have made a career change with us.”

Break free from a traditional imaging career with DispatchHealth. Search jobs and apply online to experience autonomy, creativity, and growth.

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