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DispatchHealth treats people who have had a stroke who are in need of advanced & prompt medical care.

Our mobile healthcare service offers prompt medical access to those with comorbidities.

In-home care for people who have had a stroke

The post-conditions of a severe stroke are all-encompassing, affecting a person’s physical, emotional, and cognitive function. While some of these conditions can be reversed through years of physical therapy, long-term disabilities can still take root in people who have had a stroke—including paralysis or spasticity, sensory disturbances, aphasia, and memory loss. Finding control and independence in every-day living situations can be challenging for the vast majority of people who have had a stroke, especially for those that have difficulty recognizing the limitations inflicted by the stroke. In fact, caregivers have reported that the inability of people who have had a stroke to easily obtain and benefit from prompt healthcare services, such as advanced medical care, is an issue that’s often overlooked. That is, until now. DispatchHealth provides quality, in-home medical care to people with preexisting health conditions, ensuring that everyone can receive the advanced and affordable healthcare that they deserve. With a medical staff that specializes in treating those with comorbidities, we personalize our healthcare services to benefit the individual being treated. Best of all, our advanced care services can be conveniently requested via phone, mobile app, or online. Within a few hours, our friendly and qualified physicians will be there to provide the advanced care that you need.

Our patient-first philosophy

As a mobile healthcare service, our team of certified medical professionals can provide many of the same advanced treatments and tests that are offered in a traditional emergency room (ER) setting. Consisting of a nurse practitioner or physician assistant and an EMT-level trained DispatchHealth medical technician (DHMT), our mobile healthcare teams can deliver roughly 70 percent of the tools and technologies found in an ER. This ensures that the providers can administer a wide range of advanced tests and treatments in the comfort of your home, including blood tests, IV fluids, 12-lead EKG, and more, at an out-of-pocket cost that is one-tenth of an ER visit. We’ve also partnered with most insurance companies to make our services affordable, and even accept Medicare and Medicaid. Furthermore, we go above and beyond by providing a detailed report to each patient’s living community, home health agency, and/or primary care physician, in addition to electronically sending prescriptions to a patient’s pharmacy if needed.

For accessible, affordable, and advanced in-home medical care at a moment’s notice, DispatchHealth is the only name you need to remember.

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