How to Lower the Risk of Pneumonia for At-Risk Seniors

Did you know that pneumonia affects millions of people every year? We’re talking around seven percent of the global population! When you look at this percentage closer, the majority affected are youngsters and seniors—especially those with existing medical conditions. Why? While there are treatments for this infection, it can become fatal in situations where the […]

Tips for Dealing With Post-Stroke Fatigue

Have you recently had a stroke and now feel more tired than usual? Most adults need a midday caffeine boost, but post-stroke fatigue takes it to a whole new level. People who have had a stroke often feel extreme fatigue—not only during the 3 p.m. slump, but far more often. And post-stroke fatigue isn’t always […]

The Most Common Skin Infections Found in Seniors & How to Prevent Them

Flashback to Biology 101: What is the body’s largest organ? If you guessed right, then give me some skin. Your skin protects you from exposure to germs and bacteria that could otherwise cause serious harm to internal organs. While skin is a super barrier against most irritants, like any organ, it’s still susceptible to infection. […]

The Spread of the Flu in Senior Communities

It’s a widely known fact that adults over the age of 65 are at a much higher risk for serious complications related to the flu. If just one person in a senior community gets sick, the flu can rapidly spread through the whole group, causing untold illnesses and even deaths. There are ways to protect […]