Ways To Save, Benefits of At-Home Medical Care


If you or your child are sick or injured, sometimes the biggest struggle in the situation is getting to a doctor to receive urgent medical care. Perhaps you’re in too much pain to move comfortably, or your fatigue makes it difficult to find the strength to get dressed and make a trip to the hospital. In these situations, receiving at-home urgent medical care is the best option. If you’re wondering about the full benefits of at-home medical care, the experts at DispatchHealth are here to give you the information your need. Other perks of at-home urgent medical care include:

More Comfortable Treatment

When you’re feeling your worst, the last thing you’re going to want to do is lace up your shoes, get in the car, or go to the doctor’s office. Even if a friend or family member volunteers to help, the idea of mustering up enough energy for the trip may seem too daunting. And if you’re a parent with small children who are ill or injured, getting them out of their pajamas and into regular clothes can seem impossible. Receiving care at home allows you and/or your little ones to receive the necessary treatment without exerting too much effort. You and/or your children can simply stay in bed in the comfy pajamas, already getting the rest you’ll need to make a full recovery.

It Saves Time

Getting dressed, driving to the doctor, and waiting in the patient lobby all take up time, and when you’re sick or injured, timing is important. By having urgent medical care professionals come to your home, you’ll be saving time just as much as you’ll be saving energy.

Reduces the Chance of Injury or Illness

If you’re immunocompromised or have chronic health conditions, going to the doctor or hospital can expose you to potential viruses or bacteria that can put your health at risk. Staying at home for your treatment can eliminate those risks and allow you or your loved ones to receive care in a safe environment.

Can Save Money

Gas, ride-shares, and tolls all cost money on top of the treatment you’ll receive. With at-home urgent medical care, you’ll be able to bypass the costs of transportation and focus on getting better. Even better, when you choose DispatchHealth to be your at-home urgent medical care provider, you can rest assured knowing we accept most major insurance providers, including Medicare and Medicaid. We also offer affordable flat rates for uninsured patients.

Quality At-Home Urgent Care

If you or your child are in need of at-home urgent medical care, DispatchHealth is here to bring quality medical care right to your home. This means you or your loved ones won’t have to muster up the energy to leave the house to see a doctor. You’ll also avoid the chances of long wait times or costly transportation fees. Furthermore, we boast outstanding mobile care teams that include a medical technician and either a physician assistant or a nurse practitioner. We also have an emergency room physician who is always available by phone. What’s more, almost all of the tools and technologies found at an ER are brought along to the visit.

As mentioned before, our care is as affordable as it is convenient. Our services typically cost about the same as your average urgent care visit, which is around $5 to $50 after insurance. We’ll even bill your insurance provider for you and will keep your primary care physician updated regarding your treatment.

Whether you’re suffering from a viral or bacterial infection, dehydration, injury from an accident, or any other urgent non-emergency medical situation, DispatchHealth is here to give you the care you need from your home.

For life-threatening and time-sensitive injuries and illnesses, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. DispatchHealth shouldn’t be used in a life-threatening emergency and doesn’t replace a primary care provider.

Madeline Schroeder
Madeline Schroeder

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