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Disabilities are extremely diverse, affecting people of all ages. While convenient access for those with physical disabilities has gotten better over the years, there is still room for improvement. Traditional facility-based healthcare systems, for example, severely lack the resources needed to ensure that people with physical disabilities can access convenient treatment, as traveling with a disability can be challenging and the germy waiting rooms can wreak havoc on the immune system. Fortunately, DispatchHealth has revolutionized the way in which people with physical disabilities can access convenient medical care—and this time, it’s in the comfort and safety of the home. DispatchHealth’s mobile service provides in-home healthcare services for people of all ages with preexisting disabilities and medical conditions, helping to reduce potential anxiety of making a difficult trip to the impersonal rooms of the nearest emergency room. To schedule an appointment, all you have to do is download our app, visit our website, or give us a call. Within a few hours, two of our friendly and certified physicians will be there to provide the advanced care that you need, including pediatric and geriatric care.

Medical expertise that won’t go unnoticed

As a mobile healthcare service, our team of qualified medical professionals can provide many of the same treatments and tests offered in a traditional ER setting at the convenience of a house call. In addition to treating acute health problems in people with comorbidities, we can prescribe medications, take blood tests, suture wounds, and can even treat more complex conditions such as UTIs, pneumonia, and pressure ulcers. The comfort and convenience of having two medically trained and certified professionals—a nurse practitioner or physician assistant and an EMT-level trained DispatchHealth medical technician (DHMT)—arrive at your home can not only alleviate your physical ailment, but also the stress of having to make travel plans to visit a healthcare facility. Best of all, the medical costs for a DispatchHealth visit are nearly one-tenth of the cost of a traditional ER visit. We’ll also electronically send any prescriptions you may need to your pharmacy and provide a detailed report to your primary care physician. At DispatchHealth, we believe in bettering the way you receive healthcare and are always here when you need us.

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