What to Do When the Whole Family Has the Flu

When the flu hits home, it hits hard. And, at one point or another, someone in your family is bound to fall victim to its nauseating symptoms. As the flu creeps its way from member to member, it can place an emotional and physical toll on you—the caregiver—especially if you’re experiencing symptoms, too. When this […]

Kids with Flu Symptoms? Get ER-Level Care at Home

So your little one came home from school with a nasty cough. Or maybe woke up with a fever. You’re not sure if your tyke has the flu, but with all the stories on the news the past several years, you’d rather be safe than sorry. What Are the Symptoms of Flu? So how do […]

3 Immediate Steps to Take When Your Child has Flu Symptoms

With flu season right around the corner, it’s time to schedule your children for their flu shot and remind them of the importance of handwashing. But no matter how proactive you may be, it’s still possible that your little one will come down with the flu. After all, this is a highly contagious disease. So […]