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At-home flu care? DispatchHealth has you covered

When you feel flu symptoms coming on, the best thing you can do for your body is to climb right into bed. The flu virus induces a high fever as your body fights to build immunity, and it’s super contagious, too. This means that the last thing you should do is travel. Driving to your local urgent care or emergency room will only slow your recovery, since what your body really needs is sleep, sleep, and more sleep. Let DispatchHealth travel to your home and provide the advanced urgent care treatment you need to feel better, faster.

How to tell if you have the flu

Flu symptoms typically come on within a few days of exposure to the virus and last for under a week (but the duration varies depending on the severity of the case). Complications from the flu are possible, and death occurs only in rare cases.

DispatchHealth can help patients with the following flu symptoms:

  • High fever
  • Productive cough
  • Muscle aches
  • Fatigue
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose
  • Dehydration

Sometimes, flu symptoms can progress even further, leading to advanced symptoms that require emergency care, such as:

  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Onset of confusion/disorientation
  • Severe vomiting
  • Cyanosis (turning blue)
  • Fever above 104
  • Inability to drink fluids
  • Chest congestion & cough

If the flu is left untreated

Left untreated, the flu can lead to complications such as severe dehydration, pneumonia, or the spread of new infection . If you’re experiencing any symptoms of the flu, seek medical treatment ASAP to avoid advanced symptoms that can lead to long-term complications. At DispatchHealth, we’re ready and waiting to help. Download our app, give us a call, or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

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