Congestive Heart Failure & Coughing: What to Do When Experiencing Cardiac Cough

You have a bad cough; so what? It’s probably just a little cold, or so you keep telling yourself and anyone who comments. While most people associate coughing as a common symptom that accompanies lung or respiratory issues, its connection to heart failure often goes unnoticed. This is called a cardiac cough, and it often […]

COPD vs Asthma

COPD and asthma: They’re often confused for one another, despite the fact that each of these respiratory diseases functions differently. Before we dive into what makes them easy to confuse with one another (and what sets them apart), let’s first get a clear picture of what exactly COPD and asthma are: What Is COPD? Chronic […]

The Relationship Between Chronic Stress & COPD Exacerbations

The shadow of anxiety that hovers around big to-dos throughout any given day is unnerving for most. For those living with chronic stress, this shadow is an ever-present fear—rearing its ugly face at the most inopportune moments. While an acute level of stress can be useful in certain circumstances, stress on a more continuous basis […]

Have a Cough That Won’t Go Away? What it Could Mean, and When to Seek Treatment

You’re not getting any sleep because your cough constantly wakes you up. You spend your days hacking up a lung, reminiscing fondly on the times when you didn’t feel that fiery urge in your throat every few minutes. You’ve actually started avoiding quiet places like the library because you’re embarrassed by the loud outbursts of […]