Stomach Flu vs. Food Poisoning: How to Spot the Difference

There’s nothing worse than this scene: You’re relaxing at home on a Sunday afternoon, enjoying the twilight of the weekend, when something starts to feel…off. Your stomach begins to gurgle, a fever starts to heat up your face, and you feel that nauseating twinge in your throat that can only mean one thing: It’s time […]

What to Do When the Whole Family Has the Flu

When the flu hits home, it hits hard. And, at one point or another, someone in your family is bound to fall victim to its nauseating symptoms. As the flu creeps its way from member to member, it can place an emotional and physical toll on you—the caregiver—especially if you’re experiencing symptoms, too. When this […]

3 Skin Conditions You Shouldn’t Ignore

Skin conditions are emotional snowballs that can do a number on your self-esteem. In fact, many who suffer from a skin condition choose to ignore the issue altogether, isolating themselves both mentally and physically rather than sharing their mark with someone who can help. Unfortunately, hiding or ignoring your skin condition can worsen the issue […]

Caring for Someone With COPD & Congestive Heart Failure: What You Need to Know

Becoming a caregiver, especially for a loved one with a progressive condition like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), can be a challenge. The symptoms associated with this gradual disease affect everyone differently, from crippling everyday functions to hindering the ability to enjoy social activities. If you’re a caretaker for someone who has recently been diagnosed […]