Eddie Peloke

Eddie Peloke

Chief Technology Officer

For DispatchHealth Chief Technology Officer Eddie Peloke, technology is a catalyst for value-creation and growth. Eddie brings over two decades of experience to his role, with a long history of creating platforms that enable innovative healthcare organizations to elevate capabilities for the betterment of patients and providers.

What brought him to DispatchHealth was an innate passion for the power of bringing healthcare to people at home. Eddie says, “We have seen this convenience in almost every other consumer industry. I believe patients deserve the same type of consumer-like experience they get from other companies within healthcare and am excited to be a part of making that vision a reality.”

Eddie leads the full range of product development, operations, and organization technology, including data analytics, data engineering, and data science. His team designs and manages the organization’s proprietary logistics support. Eddie drives the digital infrastructure and technology that empowers the innovative tools and clinical excellence necessary to mobilize hospital-level capabilities in the home and deliver on the nation’s first and most extensive decentralized home-based system of care.

Before joining DispatchHealth, he was CEO of Workpath, a platform to power in-home care for digital health, diagnostic, and clinical trials that combines a dispatch and scheduling platform with a nationwide labor network. Eddie also led technology and product strategy for the tech-enabled mobile phlebotomy company Iggbo and is a dedicated volunteer with Extra Mile Pediatrics; and traveled with the organization to bring pediatric care to communities in Guatemala that face significant barriers to quality health care.