DispatchHealth Acquires Mobile-Imaging Company To Provide In-Home Radiology

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DENVER, April 27, 2021 -- DispatchHealth, a provider of in-home medical care, today announced it has acquired Professional Portable X-Ray (PPX), a mobile imaging provider. The acquisition will bring imaging into a patient’s home when required during a visit and helps DispatchHealth continue to build the largest in-home care system by expanding its available service lines to include mobile radiology. PPX currently operates in seven markets including Arizona, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. The combined services will initially roll out within the companies’ Phoenix, Arizona service area prior to expanding across DispatchHealth’s national footprint.

DispatchHealth’s model of in-home care continues to be vital during the COVID-19 pandemic as patients and health systems seek ways to avoid unnecessary exposure to the virus. DispatchHealth’s industry partnerships, including a recent national contract with Humana, support the growing demand for in-home services that are projected to exceed a market value of $293.6 billion by 2026. DispatchHealth and PPX meet this need by ensuring convenient, safe and lower-cost medical care. “Twenty percent of DispatchHealth’s current Acute Care visits require radiography and/or ultrasonography. This overall volume will only continue to grow as we expand into new markets,” said Dr. Mark Prather, CEO and co-founder of DispatchHealth. “We look forward to expanding PPX’s innovative platform into our larger markets while simultaneously activating our services in its current markets.”

PPX has provided imaging to patients and partner communities for more than 30 years and will now expand to integrate into DispatchHealth’s existing clinical service offerings — Acute Care, Advanced Care and Extended Care. Any patient can coordinate DispatchHealth’s Acute Care services via phone or website. DispatchHealth’s Advanced Care and Extended Care enables patients who previously required expensive facility-based care to now be treated at home. Both Advanced Care and Extended Care offer qualified patients a dedicated 24/7 on-call DispatchHealth medical team, which includes an internal medicine trained physician and a physician assistant or nurse practitioner. “Our goal to provide excellent patient care outside the traditional hospital or clinic setting aligns well with DispatchHealth’s mission to build the most advanced in-home care model, making them the perfect partner to support our ongoing growth,” said Sue McNamee, CEO and co-founder of PPX. “By integrating our expertise in mobile imaging with DispatchHeath’s unique technology-enabled care model, the company is uniquely positioned to become the marketplace for in-home healthcare services nationwide.”

DispatchHealth offers Acute, Extended and Advanced Care services to treat simple to complex injuries and illnesses across the U.S. and is rapidly expanding to new cities across the country. DispatchHealth is open seven days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays. For more information, visit DispatchHealth.com.

About DispatchHealth

DispatchHealth is building the world’s largest in-home care system in order to deliver trusted and compassionate care to all. DispatchHealth offers on-demand acute care and an advanced level of medical care for people of all ages in the comfort of their own homes. DispatchHealth’s emergency medicine and internal medicine trained medical teams are equipped with all the tools necessary to treat common to complex injuries and illnesses. DispatchHealth works closely with payers, providers, health systems, EMS, employer groups and others to deliver care in the home to reduce unnecessary emergency room visits, hospital stays and readmissions. Acute Care medical teams are available seven days a week, evenings and holidays and can be requested via app, online or a quick phone call. DispatchHealth is partnered with most major insurance companies. For more information, visit DispatchHealth.com.

About PPX

PPX is a leading mobile radiology company that serves community healthcare partners in seven states: Arizona, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. PPX was the first company to convert to a complete direct digital imaging platform and continues to innovate the design of specialized radiology tools and workflows to serve the on-demand needs of its communities. PPX typically delivers its X-Ray, EKG, ultrasound, doppler and bone density services to the patient’s bedside within an hour of receiving the request for imaging from a healthcare provider. PPX delivers imaging to private homes and long-term care facilities, primarily serving the needs of a growing aging population.

Dr. Mark Prather co-founded DispatchHealth with a mission to change healthcare delivery to benefit the consumer. A board-certified emergency medicine specialist with over 20 years of experience, he also has background managing large provider groups and has served as the managing partner for an outsourced emergency and pediatric staffing group. Prior to founding DispatchHealth, Mark was involved in multiple medical industry start-ups including iTriage, where he served as medical director.